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Quake Champions

When Will Quake Champions Go To Australia?

by Todd Blackon 04/25/2017
Quake Champions has been in beta for almost three weeks and for one country, that’s been three weeks of not being able to play it. But hopefully not for much longer. ID Software stated that when they go live with the beta in North America and other countries, they would then focus on Australia: “I […]
Quake Champions

Quake Champions Brings Unholy Paladin

by Todd Blackon 04/24/2017
Quake Champions has been slowly but surely unveiling all the characters you can play as in the game, as well as in the beta that is available now. But now, they’ve unveiled their latest one, Galena. “Galena is a healer and a warrior, skilled in both giving and taking life. Raised in the Dreamlands, where she […]

Coalition Gives More Details On Gears 4

by Todd Blackon 07/29/2016
In a developer blog, Coalition dropped some more info on what fans can expect from Gears Of War 4, with the promise of more information coming very soon. “With the Hammerburst’s new Long Range role, we found the Retro Lancer really didn’t have a significant place as a starting weapon anymore, as we announced it […]

Map Design Was Important To Gears Of War Team

by Todd Blackon 07/28/2016
How you layout a game, and the way that players can interact with it can be very important to gaming titles. For Gears of War 4, the team at Coalition took special time to figure out how to layout their maps in both single-player and multiplayer. This included, as they note in a developer blog, […]

Coalition Talks Visual Upgrade For Gears 4 Since Beta

by Todd Blackon 07/27/2016
The beta for Gears of War was an opportunity to show off the game to longtime fans and ensure them that Gears of War 4 will be everything they loved and more. But in a string of development blogs, they’ve been stating that the beta isn’t close to the finished product. This includes the graphics, […]

Gears Of War 4 To Have More Refined Movements

by Todd Blackon 07/26/2016
Of the many improvements that Coalition is aiming to bring to Gears of War 4 is more options in gameplay, and tweaks to the movements of the characters. In a developer blog, the team discussed just that: Octus: Thanks Ryan! Joining us now is David Bollo, who leads the Core Gameplay engineering team that works […]

Coalition Talks Weapons Changes In Gears

by Todd Blackon 07/25/2016
As part of their development blog, the team behind Gears of War 4, The Coalition, have given updates and insights as to what is changing in Gears of War. One such thing was tuning the weapons of the game since the beta after E3. “To highlight some of the bigger changes – the Hammerburst has […]

Coalition Discuss Changes To Gears Of War 4 After Beta

by Todd Blackon 07/22/2016
In a post on their blog, The Coalition went into deep detail about what players can expect from Gears Of War 4. Some of which are new experiences, like a two balance setup. One for the average gamer, and one that will be for those who want a more competitive setup. “Core settings are the […]

New Update Causes New Glitches For The Division

by Todd Blackon 07/21/2016
The Division: The Underground is the first major expansion for the game. Almost immediately though, problems were found in the game. Certain weapons were found to deal way more damage than others, and other problems were plaguing players too. In response, Ubisoft did a 3-hour fix, here is what they came out with: Reduced the […]

Gears Of War 4 Xbox One S Being Given Away At SDCC

by Todd Blackon 07/20/2016
San Diego Comic Con is only a few days away, and with it comes some very special deal and contests. One of which will be the chance to win a limited edition Gears of War 4 style Xbox One S. This 2 TB version of the stylized console will be packaged with a matching controller, a […]