What Was Up With the Ending of 'Them?' (SPOILERS)


Be warned, this article is for people who want spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers, back out now. After a grueling episode where the gang almost died of thirst and hunger and got as grungy as we’ve ever seen them, it was very surprising to see a strangely clean new face at the end. The […]

Robert Kirkman's Outcast Gets Full Season Order

Robert Kirkman

Cinemax has picked up an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s exorcism comic, Outcast, for a full 10 episode season. Kirkman will executive produce the series, giving him two series on the air. Three when the upcoming Walking Dead companion series hits AMC. Kirkman also has yet another show based on a comic in the works. His […]

Emily Kinney To Become Bug-Eyed Bandit


Emily Kinney [aka Beth Greene] is slated to become Brie Larvan – a female version of the DC Comics villain, the Bug-Eyed Bandit – in an upcoming episode of the popular “The Flash” superhero television series on the CW network. The episode of “The Flash” containing Kinney is expected to be Episode 18, airing on […]

The Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard Stands With Charlie Hebdo


The Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard just released this powerful tribute to the cartoonists at French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, where 12 staff members were killed Jan. 7 by extremists offended by the magazine’s cartoons about Muslims and the prophet Muhammad. Adlard’s stark statement features the words “Freedom of Speech” and the comic book […]

Skybound Announces Third Walking Dead Compendium Coming in October


Skybound Entertainment has announced a third The Walking Dead Compendium, scheduled to hit store shelves in October. According to this handy chart, the compendium will cover issues 97 through 144. It Begins with the “Something to Fear” storyline and the introduction of Negan and runs to a future unreleased issue. The comic is currently only […]

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman had Some Quibbles


Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead” graphic novel on which the AMC television series is based has chimed in with what are some of his quibbles in the hugely successful series’ first five seasons – most notably, though, how the first season ended. The interview with The Hollywood Reporter [see link below] details Kirkman’s […]

Robert Kirkman Says The Walking Dead is Not, Repeat, is Not Just Rick's Coma Dream


  Did you really need this one clarified? Anyway, here you go. Responding to an article on Uproxx, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has officially quashed the fan theory that the entirety of The Walking Dead is just Rick Grimes dreaming in his coma. “Rick is NOT still in a coma. The events of […]

Zombies Coming Back To Broadway


Zombies are coming back to Broadway. What? you didn’t know zombies had already been on Broadway? Well, that’s probably because you weren’t around in 1945 when Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff participated in a little something called “Zombies on Broadway” that had to do with gangsters and zombies and probably a lot of whisky. But […]

Creator Robert Kirkman Says He's Already Decided How The Walking Dead Will End

Robert Kirkman

Hopefully, both The Walking Dead Comic and show will run for a good long time, but creator Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly he knows what the last page, and presumably if the show manages to adapt all of the comic the last shot of the show, will be. “I think (I thought of it) about […]

The Walking Dead Co-op Game 'Fans Have Been Waiting For' Coming 2016

The Walking Dead Game

I know that The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct hurt you, and that it’s made it hard to trust. But not all The Walking Dead games not made by Telltale have to be bad. Some serious AAA talent is lined up to bring you a The Walking Dead co-op game that just might heal the pain. […]