Sneak Peek At iZombie Episode Six


On next week’s iZombie, Liv eats the brain of an agoraphobic computer hacker, and having now morphed into a Cheeto-consuming shut-in, must play an MMO to track down his killer. I go on edge whenever I hear about a “case-of-the-week” network show protraying a gamer or video games in general — they are usually terrible […]

"Demon Hole" Claims To Bring 80's Spirit Back


Most horror fans share a fondness for the 1980’s, when practical physical effects were as plentiful as water, nothing was ever softened down to a PG-13 for sales purposes, and there was more of a sense of…fun. Josh Crook, director of a new horror-comedy flick called Demon Hole, hears you and aims to fix the […]

Next iZombie Episode Hyped With Lovely Painting


Next Tuesday at 9 will see the release of the next (fourth, if you’re counting) episode of iZombie. To honor this once-in-a-weektime occasion, The CW and Warner Bros. Television have released this piece of fine art. If you’re looking for back tattoo ideas, here’s one: So what’s this meant to symbolize? According to the network’s […]

Walking Dead Pool Results! How Good Were Your Guesses? (SPOILERS for 'Spend')


Two things that are the kiss of death on The Walking Dead? Sudden character development. An announcement that you’ve been cast on a new show. Tyler James Williams had both. He was recently announced as one of the stars of a Criminal Minds spinoff. And last night, after ignoring his character for several episodes, we […]

The Bots' Blinded Music Video Directed By Norman Reedus Debuts


The music video for “Blinded” by Los Angeles group, The Bots, has made its official debut. The video was directed by “The Walking Dead”‘s Norman Reedus…

The Walking Dead Companion Series Gets A Two Season Order


“The Walking Dead” companion series has been given a two-season order by AMC. Season One will have six episodes and is set to debut this summer and is expected to lead up to the Season Six premiere of “The Walking Dead” in the autumn. Season Two of the companion series will debut earlier in 2016 […]

Which Walking Dead Character Is Next to Die? Vote in Our Poll!


  Who Dies Next on The Walking Dead?   Our The Walking Dead characters have made it to Alexandria, a place that seems safe and cozy. But looks can be deceiving, and when you let your guard down you’re at your most vulnerable. We also have to note that there will be a surprise The […]

Last Five Season Five Episode Titles Feature Mind-Blowing Connection


There’s a bizarre literary link between the episode titles of the last four episode titles in this season, and it all has to do with dear departed Dale. This theory is currently being discussed on our forums in this thread, started by member jwcoombs. As has been revealed, the last five episode titles are: Episode […]

AMC Creates Virtual Alexandria Safe Zone For You To Explore


Here’s a neat new toy from AMC. If you go to this link, you can check out a virtual tour of the Alexandria Safe Zone, similar to Google Maps Street View. So far there are only a few locations on the tour including the gate, the streets, the living rooms of the two houses where […]

Part Of Walking Dead Town For Sale On eBay


Nine buildings in downtown Grantville, Georgia – the real town that doubled for the town in the Season Three episode titled “Clear” of “The Walking Dead” – is for sale on eBay [see link below]. The buildings were acquired by the town’s former mayor in a foreclosure action four years ago. The buildings have been […]