The Walking Deceased Mocks the Dead


In the tradition of Scary Movie, but with less budget and not from any of those guys, comes The Walking Deceased, a new parody of your favorite show. Variety reports The Walking Deceased has been picked up for distribution by ARC Entertainment. The film is written by Tim Ogletree and directed by Scott Dow and […]

Zombie Game Dying Light Gets a Brutal Launch Trailer


Techland just released a gory trailer for its upcoming zombie mutilator, which will be out tomorrow, Jan. 27 in the U.S. The new trailer shows off some creative and bloody ways to kill zombies with the game’s guns, improvised weapons and parkour. You also get a taste of the titular feature in which zombies are […]

Lauren Cohan Will Be Bedeviled By Spooky Doll in New Movie


I’m going to come clean because I feel like you, the mostly anonymous people on the internet who read this, and I are close friends who can tell each other anything. I’m not scared of zombies. Vampires, serial killers, mummies and werewolves get at best chuckle out of me. But for some primal, illogical reason […]

Noah Emmerich Wants to Explore Dr. Jenner's Past on Walking Dead Companion Series


If a recently leaked script holds true, the upcoming companion series to The Walking Dead will be a prequel, set in Los Angeles in the earliest days of the outbreak. It will also feature scenes of the Centers for Disease Control trying to deny that the outbreak is even happening. It’s interesting timing, then, that […]

American Horror Story: Freak Show 'Curtain Call' Recap


Here we are at the end. The bloody, bloody end. Will anyone survive American Horror Story: Freak Show? Read on. Dandy, the new owner of the freak show, has refocused it with himself as the star. The first thing we see is the remaining freaks hanging a banner that advertises Dandy singing Cole Porter. The […]

Rumor: Companion Series Pilot May be Called 'Fear The Walking Dead'


Rumor-mongers Bleeding Cool have gotten their hands on what they say is the script for The Walking Dead companion series, and right there in black and white at the top is a possible title, “Fear the Walking Dead.” Whether that’s a proposed title for the pilot or the show itself is unsure. Even if it […]

American Horror Story: Freak Show 'Show Stoppers' Recap


Here we are at the next to last episode of the season. Has it lived up to your expectation so far? Pop into our forums and let us know. The penultimate episode starts with Stanley arriving at a dinner party for the departing Elsa. All the freaks are drinking and having fun in the main […]

Vote for The Walking Dead in the National Television Awards

Rick Grimes

So The Walking Dead didn’t get a Golden Globe last night. Because it wasn’t even nominated. And it also failed to get any People’s Choice Awards, because not enough The Walking Dead fans voted for it. And no, no Primetime Emmys. But it can still win a National Television Award. What is a National Television […]

The New World’s Gonna Need Rick Grimes


The poster for the second half of Season Five of “The Walking Dead” has been released and in addition to displaying stellar penmanship, it also comes with a description of what to look forward to in the next few weeks…. “After the tragic events of the mid-season finale — as well as losing the possibility […]

TWD Producer David Alpert Teases Dedicated VR Show At CES 2015


At the International Consumer Electronics Show [CES] in Las Vegas, David Alpert, the executive vice president of Skybound Entertainment – the production company responsible for “The Walking Dead” – has indicated that his company will be making a new mystery/suspense thriller show specifically in the virtual reality format that will be accessible via the MilkVR […]