McFarlane Toys Teams With AMC For The Walking Dead Building Sets


From the last-minute holiday gift idea department comes news that McFalane Toys will be producing a new “The Walking Dead” building set featuring Rick Grimes and the boiler room in the prison. Alas, this particular set will not be available until later in 2015 – but current building sets along with collectible figures are already […]

Z Nation Season One Coming to Netflix in January

Z Nation

The Walking Dead is a funny thing. It’s so popular that it has fans that aren’t fans of the wider zombie or horror genres. And that’s okay. We’ve got better and more in-depth discussion on just that topic here at our forums than you’ll find anywhere else. But since The Walking Dead is in the […]

Bring Beth Back Petition Creator Says Beth Deserved Better


It seems unlikely that Beth Greene could have survived the close-range shot she took to the the head in The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, “Coda.” However, many fans were so upset with the abrupt and seemingly pointless nature of the death that they’re asking the show’s creators to undo it, anyway. A petition to “Bring […]

Poll: Favorite Moment of Episode 508 'Coda?' (Spoilers)


  Favorite Scene From ‘Coda?’   Last night’s mid-season finale episode of The Walking Dead, “Coda,” left us with a lot to chew over while we wait for the show to come back Feb. 8. We’ve put together the moments that had the biggest impact on us, vote in the poll above and tell us […]

The Walking Dead Pool Mid-Season Finale: Who Will Die? (Poll)


  Who Will Die in the Mid-Season Finale? (Multiple Choice) Almost every interview we’ve read about the mid-season finale, “Coda,” promises a great tragedy is coming. Considering that Beth and Carol are both in extremely compromised positions, the obvious leap is that Daryl will not be able to rescue at least one of them from […]

Funny Or Die's New Recap Show The Walking Fred Offers a Walker's Take on 'Consumed'

Walking Fred

The Walking Fred S5 EP 6 Recap: Consumed from thewalkingfred Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick is a nice enough guy, sure, but he’s all warm and alive and stuff. Just look at the sparkle in his eye. You can’t count on him to give you an authentic walker perspective. That’s where new Funny or Die […]

'Self Help' Poll: Should the Group Forgive Eugene?

Self Help Eugene

  Should the Group Forgive Eugene? First off, I have to admit this could be a bit of a moot point if Eugene dies from that beating Abraham gave him when he found out that his entire reason for living was a lie. Eugene looked alive to me, but Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd wouldn’t […]

Poll: Did Maggie Make the Right Call?

D.C. or Bust

  Did Maggie Make the Right Choice? As of last night’s episode, we know where Beth is. And we know Carol and Daryl have been looking for her and one of them has found her. Kinda. But guess who’s not looking? Maggie. She’s gone. She’s out. She’s Audi. She and Glenn (and Tara, if anyone […]

The Walking Dead Episode 504 'Slabtown' Recap

Beth In Slabtown

  Rate The Walking Dead Episode 503 ‘Slabtown’ Where is Beth? We’ve been hanging on that question since March 9. Can you believe it? Almost eight months. All of that waiting will now pay off. She’s not dead. She’s not Bethburgers. So let’s get straight to the recap and the answers. The episode begins with […]

The Walking Dead Pool Season Five Round Two! Who Dies Next? (Spoilers)


  Which The Walking Dead Character Will Die Next in Season Five? And so, we have our first casualty of the season, leaving a hole in our cast of survivors. We were hoping Bob would pull through, but we had to admit it it didn’t look good. At least it led to a powerful adaptation […]