Telltale Games' The Walking Dead : Season One Now on Google Play

The Walking Dead

If you have an Android phone or tablet you can now discover what console, PC, iOS, even Kindle Fire gamers already know, that Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead: Season One is one of the best adventure games ever. Hey, better late than never. I played the game on another platform and say without hesitation it […]

Fan Spotlight: Frank Kadar's Amazing Comic/Show Covers

Daryl Cover

Welcome to another installment of our occasional series featuring The Walking Dead fans and the cool stuff they do. If you know someone that should be spotlighted, contact us through our Facebook page. Frank A. Kadar is a freelance artist and Joe Kubert School graduate from New Jersey who has done work for Marvel and […]

Killer The Walking Dead Infographic is All About the Weapons

Walking Dead Weapons Graphic

This awesome infographic from categorizes the kills, weapons of choice, and ammo used by our favorite survivors. Rick Grimes is in the definite lead, with 127 kills, 70 with his Colt Python. But Daryl Dixon is no slouch himself, with 98 kills, 60 with his Horton Scout 125 crossbow. Other interesting stats like how much […]

Is Breaking Bad a Prequel to The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead/Breaking Bad

The clues are there, says HitFix writer Donna Dickens. You just have to look. The first clue, of course, is that Merle’s stash from season 2 clearly had Blue Sky in it, Breaking Bad’s Walter White’s super-pure, super potent new form of crystal meth. Ha ha, just a reference, right? But Dickens digs deeper. “Doesn’t […]

Rate The Walking Dead Season Four Finale (Poll)

Season Finale

  How Do You Rate The Finale? Now that more of our fellow overseas fans have seen The Walking Dead season four finale “A,” and everyone has had time to digest and reflect upon the events, let’s hear from you. What did you think of the finale? Rate it in our poll and tell us […]

Has Rick Become a Monster? (Poll)

Rick With Bloody Face

  Has Rick Gone Too Far? In The Walking Dead episode 416 “A” Rick Grimes does some stuff. And thangs. Horrible stuff and unspeakable thangs. The most horrible was probably this: But let’s be fair, it was in response to this, Carl’s impending rape: But he also spends much of the episode flashing back to […]

Almost All of The Walking Dead Comic Books on Sale at comiXology

Walking Dead Comic

Do you think you can read 121 issues of The Walking Dead comic book between now and the season finale? If you could you could do it on the cheap, because the first 121 issues are on sale for 99 cents each at comiXology. ComiXology’s massive sale of digital The Walking Dead comic books also […]

A Treasury of Season Four Finale Teases (Non-Spoiler)


What’s going to happen on this weekend’s The Walking Dead Season four finale? No one’s saying exactly, but everyone is hinting that it’s going to be big. We’ve already reported that Robert Kirkman says the episode will push Rick to his “absolute limit.” “This is Rick Grimes being pushed to his absolute limit. And if […]

The Walking Dead Pool Final Round: Who Will Die at Terminus?

The Walking Dead Pool Finale

  Which The Walking Dead Characters Will Die in The Finale? (Multiple Answers OK) Warning: There are spoilers for previous episodes in this post and likely in the comments. But please, no spoilers for un-aired episodes. We will delete those if we see them. First, we honor the recently dead. Nobody guessed Len in the […]

Enter the Magic Kingdom (of the Dead), With The Walking Disney


It takes pluck and luck to survive in The Walking Dead world. Disney princesses usually have pluck and luck to spare. And from there, I like to imagine,we get this, “The Walking Disney.” Disney characters re-imagined as The Walking Dead survivors by deviantARTist Kasami-Sensei. Check it out the full gallery for even more pics. Related […]