Second TWD Spinoff Announced: Zombies On A Plane

zombies on a plane

Ha ha, you fell for it, didn’t you? I can’t believe you took me seriously. “Zombies On A Plane.” How could you believe that? …..Actually, I wasn’t joking. The news was broken this morning by Entertainment Weekly. Just so you don’t start hyperventilating into a paper bag, it’s not entirely what you think. It’s a […]

Cliff Curtis Of "Fear The Walking Dead" Answers Questions

cliff curtis

On the occasion of the series premiere for AMC’s new Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, Yahoo TV sat down with Cliff Curtis, who plays Travis Manawa on the new show. Here are the highlights of what he revealed about the show, what he thinks of it, and how he approaches his work. Cliff […]

Limited Edition Of Walking Dead Season 5 Blu-Ray Announced

walkng dead season 5

In the past, there has usually been a Limited Edition of the latest Walking Dead season set released a few months after the regular set comes out. These include the same on-disc content, but the bonus of a collectible figurine from Mcfarlane Toys depicting a memorable moment from the season. In this case, the figure […]

The Walking Dead Goes Mobile With No Man's Land

no man's land

A new trailer has been released for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a new mobile game from Next Games based on the TV series. Before the few of you who get excited over such things start jumping for joy, you might want to take a peek at what this game looks like…. Since this […]

Madchen Amick Joins American Horror Story Hotel

madchen amick

By this point we should know nearly everyone who’s going to appear in American Horror Story Hotel. The latest name to be revealed is Madchen Amick, star of Twin Peaks and a few dozen B-movies. She’ll be acting in scenes with Chloe Sevigny’s character: she’s playing the doctor who examines Sevigny’s ill son. Has anyone […]

The Walking Dead Return To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights


Look who’s returning to Universal Studios….the Walkers of the Walking Dead! Halloween Horror Nights will once again be promoting the series through a zombie-packed perilous maze, and this time, they’ve been updated: yes, they have “W” marks on their foreheads. This new maze is subtitled “Wolves Not Far.” The maze will also recreate key scenes […]

Guess What, More Fear The Walking Dead Screens

fear the walking dead screens

Had enough? I’LL TELL YOU when you’ve had enough. It’s time for more Fear The Walking Dead screens. This time, unlike the obviously staged batch from yesterday, these are clearly taken from episodes. In fact, they’re even labeled with the episodes they came from! Isn’t that courteous? EPISODE 1: Cliff Curtis as Travis, Kim Dickens […]

Tara Reid's Life Is In Your Hands

Tara Reid

Forgive me for steering the conversation of this website in the Sharknado direction, but necessity dictates it. You would think this one-note premise would start running out of gas the third time people saw it, but Sharknado 3 performed stronger than ever for SyFy, generating more Twitter activity than “every episode of the final season […]

SDCC2015: Classic Horror Movie Composers Meet At Special Panel


Last Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, BMI and Krakower Poling PR presented a special panel titled ‘The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition’  where composers from various classic horror movies met to discuss their job, the art of their trade and any fan questions. The panelist included Charles Bernstein (Nightmare on Elm Street), Harry […]

SDCC2015: Universal Announces Crimson Peak Themed Halloween Horror Nights

Crimson Peak

If there’s any addiction studio executives have yet to break themselves from, it’s synergy. Universal owns Universal Studios, which runs an event called “Halloween Horror Nights” at the theme park through the month of October. Universal is also coming out with a new gothic horror-romance called “Crimson Peak” around the same time. Hmm, one could […]