Guess What, More Fear The Walking Dead Screens

fear the walking dead screens

Had enough? I’LL TELL YOU when you’ve had enough. It’s time for more Fear The Walking Dead screens. This time, unlike the obviously staged batch from yesterday, these are clearly taken from episodes. In fact, they’re even labeled with the episodes they came from! Isn’t that courteous? EPISODE 1: Cliff Curtis as Travis, Kim Dickens […]

Tara Reid's Life Is In Your Hands

Tara Reid

Forgive me for steering the conversation of this website in the Sharknado direction, but necessity dictates it. You would think this one-note premise would start running out of gas the third time people saw it, but Sharknado 3 performed stronger than ever for SyFy, generating more Twitter activity than “every episode of the final season […]

SDCC2015: Classic Horror Movie Composers Meet At Special Panel


Last Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, BMI and Krakower Poling PR presented a special panel titled ‘The Character of Music: Classic Horror Special Edition’  where composers from various classic horror movies met to discuss their job, the art of their trade and any fan questions. The panelist included Charles Bernstein (Nightmare on Elm Street), Harry […]

SDCC2015: Universal Announces Crimson Peak Themed Halloween Horror Nights

Crimson Peak

If there’s any addiction studio executives have yet to break themselves from, it’s synergy. Universal owns Universal Studios, which runs an event called “Halloween Horror Nights” at the theme park through the month of October. Universal is also coming out with a new gothic horror-romance called “Crimson Peak” around the same time. Hmm, one could […]

SDCC2015: A Photo Gallery Of McFarlane's Walking Dead Figures


The McFarlane Toys booth at San Diego Comic-Con has a veritable cornucopia of statuettes depicting the shambling undead and the hardened survivors who shoot them. We took some photos of a few. Michonne comes ready for any situation, even packing extra arms if she loses the ones she’s got. Carol is looking fashionable in her […]

SDCC: Teen Wolf Renewed For Sixth Season

Teen Wolf

Personally, I wasn’t aware it had burned through five seasons already, but there you are. MTV’s Teen Wolf is still on the air, and still going…..well, strong enough for MTV. It also apparently appeals to Silent Bob, who moderated the Teen Wolf panel today at SDCC. See MTV’s self-glorifying press release below. SAN DIEGO, CA […]

SDCC2015: Photos From The Walking Dead Booth

walking dead booth

San Diego Comic-Con officially opened its doors today. If you’re curious what the Walking Dead booth looks like, we took pictures of it (and a few other things). Electric signage directing you to the booth. It towers over a recreation of a building in Alexandria and video footage of trailers for the series. A glimpse […]

The "FX Fearless Arena" Makes SDCC More Nuts


There are Comic-Con booths, and then there are practical theme parks. FX Networks is going big, loud and expensive this year to make sure everybody attending the San Diego Comic-Con knows about the shows they’ll be broadcasting over the next few months. So much so that they’ll be offering a series of rides based on […]

Fourth Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Released

Fear The Walking Dead trailer

AMC continues to roll out its short Fear The Walking Dead trailers at a one-week pace. This time, we have a new ten-second clip (which, again, appears to be from an actual episode) AND a new promotional poster. Let’s get to the poster first: “And then, when I saw just one set of footprints, it […]

The Walking Dead Season 5 On Blu-Ray August 25


We now have a date and extras list for the home video release of The Walking Dead Season 5. If the patterns of the past hold true, this season probably won’t appear on Netflix until Season 6 has begun, so you’re looking at your only legal way to catch up until then. If you’re suspecting […]