Last Five Season Five Episode Titles Feature Mind-Blowing Connection


There’s a bizarre literary link between the episode titles of the last four episode titles in this season, and it all has to do with dear departed Dale. This theory is currently being discussed on our forums in this thread, started by member jwcoombs. As has been revealed, the last five episode titles are: Episode […]

AMC Creates Virtual Alexandria Safe Zone For You To Explore


Here’s a neat new toy from AMC. If you go to this link, you can check out a virtual tour of the Alexandria Safe Zone, similar to Google Maps Street View. So far there are only a few locations on the tour including the gate, the streets, the living rooms of the two houses where […]

Part Of Walking Dead Town For Sale On eBay


Nine buildings in downtown Grantville, Georgia – the real town that doubled for the town in the Season Three episode titled “Clear” of “The Walking Dead” – is for sale on eBay [see link below]. The buildings were acquired by the town’s former mayor in a foreclosure action four years ago. The buildings have been […]

Robert Kirkman's Outcast Gets Full Season Order

Robert Kirkman

Cinemax has picked up an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s exorcism comic, Outcast, for a full 10 episode season. Kirkman will executive produce the series, giving him two series on the air. Three when the upcoming Walking Dead companion series hits AMC. Kirkman also has yet another show based on a comic in the works. His […]

Robert Kirkman 'Spoils' Glenn's Death on Comedy Central (Spoilers, Obviously)


@midnightGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Last night’s episode of the Comedy Central internet quiz show @midnight had a hilarious lineup featuring The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene). Many funny, off-color jokes were made by the cast and host Chris Hardwick. And Kirkman might have spoiled how […]

Steven Yeun and Conan O'Brien Make Naked Friends at Korean Spa


If you’ve ever wanted to see Conan O’Brien and The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) strip naked (Glenn fans, you know who you are) and enjoy the various humiliating and painful amenities at Korean spa, well, here’s your chance to see that oddly specific thing. Some of the health treatments the pair take […]

Five Amazing Cartoon-Style Walking Dead Characters


Artist Edward Pun perfectly captures the essences of our favorite The Walking Dead characters with these new cartoon-style pics. We are seriously impressed. First up is his take on the dear and recently departed Tyreese. Other artists might have drawn Tyreese swinging a hammer or killing a horde of zombies, but Pun understands that Tyreese […]

The Walking Dead Pool: Who Will Die Next?


  Who Dies Next on The Walking Dead?   Well, if you were betting The Walking Dead wouldn’t kill two major characters in a row, you bet wrong. So we say goodbye to Tyreese, who was the best at killing walkers with a hammer, sticking to his moral convictions and being a damn good Nanny. […]

The Walking Dead Pool Results: How Good Were You at Guessing? (Spoilers)


Before last night’s The Walking Dead episode we held a little poll to see whom our readers thought might shuffle off this mortal coil, if anyone. Here are the results. Either you’re really good guessers or a lot of you read spoiler sites and have no moral qualms about voting in a speculative poll when […]

The Walking Dead Pool: Who Will Be the Next to Die on The Walking Dead?


  Who Will Die Next on The Walking Dead? Beth Greene’s death in the mid-season finale “Coda” was perhaps one of the most shocking in The Walking Dead history, being sudden and seemingly pointless. But even as our cast mourns, they’re still in danger. Will they lose another member in the mid-season premiere,  “What Happened […]