SDCC2014: The Walking Dead Escape at Petco Park


The Walking Dead Escape took place at the San Diego Comic-Con and had the opportunity to participate. The event is part of a national tour which stops at cities across the United States. Participants are allowed to register as “Walkers” or attempt to escape the course as “Survivors.” The course is untimed and participants are […]

SDCC 2014: Watch The Walking Dead Season Five Panel

At The Walking Dead 2014 SDCC Panel Melissa McBride Gives Flowers to Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead cast and producers previewed season five at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday. We’ve already shown you the almost unbearably action-packed trailer, but here’s your chance to check out the panel where the trailer and other details about season five were revealed. A few bits of info and lots of laughs […]

SDCC 2014: iZombie Screening Cancelled Due To Cast Changes


The 2014 Comic Con is not even 24 hours old and already there have been a pair of cancellations – first the Goonies reunion panel and now a screening of the pilot for the upcoming CW series “iZombie” about a coroner’s office assistant/zombie [Rose McIvor] who eats the brains of the corpses coming into the […]

The Walking Dead At Comic-Con: Day One


If you’re reading this you probably aren’t at Comic-Con International in San Diego. If you are reading this at Comic-Con stop that, you can go look at this stuff for yourself. Although tomorrow’s panel, where the season five preview will be unveiled, will be the big Comic-Con event, the con’s preview night Wednesday and first […]

The Walking Dead Comic-Con Preview


The cramped and sweaty halls of Comic-Con International in San Diego will be the center of The Walking Dead universe next week. The first and foremost focus at the San Diego Convention Center will be on the huge Hall H The Walking Dead panel, where we’ll get our first extended glimpse of season five.  The panel guests […]

The Walking Dead Escape Returns to San Diego Comic-Con

TWDE pic3

  In addition to a chance to see most of The Walking Dead actors and be one of the lucky ones to see the first trailer for season five at its July 25 panel, visitors to San Diego during Comic-Con will also get a chance to take part in The Walking Dead up close and […]

The Walking Dead Brick Building Sets Coming From McFarlane Toys

Daryl Brick Set

The Walking Dead Lego sets have been a geek dream since the show first came out. That may never happen, but McFarlane Toys will try to fill that brick-building hole in your heart with a new line of brick-building toys launching this October. McFarlane’s sets don’t go for the usual blocky brick look, instead they […]

So Many Set Pics, So Many Spoilers (Spoilers)

Set Pics

FAIR WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! Seriously, not kidding. Okay, here we go. Apparently secretly filming in downtown Atlanta is a bit tough to do! The Walking Dead production has moved there and it opened a floodgate of set pics. First, and most spoilery, this pic from Just Jared confirms Daryl and Carol are obviously […]

The Walking Dead Season Four Hits Blu-ray and DVD August 26th

Season Four Case

You can take Rick, Carol, Daryl, Beth, even Eugene and Lizzie if you’re into that, home this August 26th, as the fourth season of The Walking Dead hits DVD and Blu-ray. And the survivors will still be in that damn boxcar for a couple more months until season five starts in October. Anchor Bay Entertainment […]

For $30,000 You Can Drive a Special The Walking Dead Tucson


Hey, you ever notice that they used to drive a Hyundai Tucson on The Walking Dead all the time? Product placement! That’s subtle, however, compared to the Hyundai Tucson The Walking Dead Special Edition, which just went on sale at Hyundai dealerships. For $29,775, quite a bit more than the $22,325 stock Tucson GLS, you can […]