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AMC Releases Banner For Walking Dead Season Six

by on 06/24/2015

Take a look at the name of this website and be assured that if the slightest bit of news trickles through, if they announce a second spinoff entitled The Walking Dead Are Really Scary, if Andrew Lincoln takes his dog to the vet or if Norman Reedus sneezes on a bunny, we will deliver the news post haste. Today’s news is a banner.

Walking Dead Season 6

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The significance of this is that it’s the first official piece of promotional art for Season 6 of the series. Observe Rick Grimes, Morgan Jones, and the rest of the cast that makes up their two camps, now behind the walls of the Alexandria safe-zone. It was created for the Walking Dead Comic-Con panel, which will deliver a lot more information than this and will happen in just a couple weeks. (It will be held on Friday, July 10¬†at exactly 12:00 pm PDT in Hall H. We’re thorough.) The banner was revealed on the official Walking Dead Facebook page a few hours ago, where it has received 65,000 likes.

The Walking Dead Season Six debuts on AMC October 6, after the spinoff Fear The Walking Dead completes its initial run.

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