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Five Amazing Cartoon-Style Walking Dead Characters

by on 02/11/2015

Artist Edward Pun perfectly captures the essences of our favorite The Walking Dead characters with these new cartoon-style pics. We are seriously impressed.

First up is his take on the dear and recently departed Tyreese. Other artists might have drawn Tyreese swinging a hammer or killing a horde of zombies, but Pun understands that Tyreese is a gentle giant, and shows him in his most significant pose: caring for Judith. If you’ll excuse us, there’s something in our eye.


We love his take on Beth. Wow. Her youth and innocence clearly come through, but so does her dogged determination. We miss her more already.


Here’s a very grumpy Rick Grimes. Rick has a had a lot to be grumpy about lately with the death of several of his friends. Pun gives Rick his red-handled machete, his hand-cannon and his magnificent beard, necessary accessories for your Rick Grimes action figure.

Pun’s Daryl is just dirty enough to make the ladies go wild. His eyes are squinted and he has his crossbow at the ready. One clenched fist shows this is not a redneck to be messed with.


Finally, we have the modern-day samurai herself, Michonne. Michonne is in the process of drawing her sword, and the look on her face tells any bad guys they don’t want to be around when she finishes.

These are only a few of Pun’s The Walking Dead creations. You can check out more on his blog.

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