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Full American Horror Story: Hotel Cast List Revealed?

by on 04/28/2015

The full cast list for American Horror Story: Hotel is claimed to be revealed to the world by the International Business Times. It has not been verified by FX or Murphy, or anyone else official, so take it with a grain of salt until then. Let’s run through the list and decide its legitimacy for ourselves.

Evan Peters as The Prowler
Peters is the only one to have been in every season so far.

Sara Paulson as Janis Joplin
If legit, this would seem to cement what time period this season takes place in, as there was only a limited window to see the adult Janis Joplin check into a hotel. Why isn’t she played by Jenna Maroney?

Kathy Bates as Claudia DeVeau
Bates plays Janis’ agent. She has played other roles in past seasons.

Finn Wittrock as Chap Newton
Another returning actor in a different role, Chap has nothing to do with this and was just looking for a peaceful evening. Boy, did he pick the wrong building.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Martina McBride
AKA one of the hotel’s previous owners. There’s already a famous country singer named Martina McBride, and that’s what makes me a bit skeptical about this list’s legitimacy(“let’s see what we can get them to believe”). But then again, Murphy is just the type to randomly give someone a name like this.

Lily Rabe as Annabelle Evergreen
Rabe has also been on the show before, usually playing people who are driven insane. Guess what kind of character she plays this time.

Alexander Skarsgård as Joshua Evergreen
Annabelle owns the hotel currently and somebody from True Blood is her husband.

Angela Bassett as Lolita Jones
Bassett is the jazz singer at the hotel’s lounge.

Denis O’Hare as Leo Maxwell
Maxwell plays the lounge bartender and Lolita’s friend.

Lady Gaga as Elisa Starr
Gaga plays Lolita’s rival, and is new to the series. Given Murphy’s tastes, now that Ms. Germanotta is in his Rolodex I would bet on her becoming his next recurring actress. By the way, this one isn’t fake, it was already confirmed.

Matt Bomer as Terry Castro
He’s the bellboy.

Tammy Blanchard as Theresa Faulkner
Faulkner is a nasty maid who spies on her guests a lot.

Frances Conroy as Maude Madelyn
Maude Madelyn is a professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

Cheyenne Jackson as Thimas Seabras
He’s another bellboy, but looks like a lifeguard.

Grace Gummer as Emma Lam
Lizard Girl is back as another suspicious maid.

Wes Bentley as Father Dominic Deon
I shouldn’t have to explain what this role involves.

Donald Sutherland as Father Abner Gates
Gates is an exorcist, and he’ll be kept busy. Presumably Bentley will play Sutherland’s assistant.

Steven Weber as Ray Ottoman
Ottoman is a Hotel inspector. The staff hates him because he disapproves of spying, murder and other things.

Chloë Sevigny as Lois Deon
Sevigny plays her second AHS role as an all-too-blissful homemaker with a dark past that may catch up to her.

Michael Chiklis as Dr Nelson Brackett
Dr Drackett is a bald-headed scientist looking for work. He’ll be able to find some cheap cadavers at least.

Christine Estabrook as Abigail White
White is the hotel’s realtor. Is someone looking to sell? Who would possibly buy?

If this list turns out to be fake we’ll let you know.

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