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Killer The Walking Dead Infographic is All About the Weapons

by on 04/08/2014

This awesome infographic from 9mmammo.com categorizes the kills, weapons of choice, and ammo used by our favorite survivors.

Rick Grimes is in the definite lead, with 127 kills, 70 with his Colt Python. But Daryl Dixon is no slouch himself, with 98 kills, 60 with his Horton Scout 125 crossbow. Other interesting stats like how much each kill would cost in ammo, if money was actually still a thing, are included. And the infographic also points out that all 40 of Tyreese’s kills have been hammertime, and that Carol is more likely to kill humans than Walkers.

Unfortunately, the as-of date on the infographic is March 9, so it’s a little out of date and doesn’t include some of the more interesting improvised weapons that some survivors, especially Rick, used in the last few episodes.

Walking Dead Weapons Graphic

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