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Madchen Amick Joins American Horror Story Hotel

by on 08/07/2015

By this point we should know nearly everyone who’s going to appear in American Horror Story Hotel. The latest name to be revealed is Madchen Amick, star of Twin Peaks and a few dozen B-movies. She’ll be acting in scenes with Chloe Sevigny’s character: she’s playing the doctor who examines Sevigny’s ill son.

Has anyone ever wondered how to pronounce this woman’s name? According to Wikipedia the name is German and its English pronunciation is as follows: /ˈmeɪdʃən ˈeɪmɪk/, MAYD-shən AYM-ik. I’m still gonna have trouble with it.

Here is now the full list of actors and actresses that will be in the new season: Madchen Amick, Emma Roberts, Lily Rabe, Helena Mattsson, Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer as Donovan, Finn Wittrock, Sarah Paulson as Hypodermic Sally, Kathy Bates as Iris, Chloe Sevigny, Evan Peters as Mr. March, Wes Bentley, Angela Bassett as Ramona, Max Greenfield, Denis O’Hare, Naomi Campbell, Darren Criss, and Cheyenne Jackson. Whew.

American Horror Story Hotel premieres this October on FX.

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