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New Set Shots From Fear The Walking Dead

by on 05/27/2015

Entertainment Weekly has scored some behind-the-scenes photos from AMC’s upcoming Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. Seven, in fact. Their slideshow mechanic is rather wonky so we’ve pasted them all here.


This, we’re told, is Travis, a schoolteacher and boyfriend of one of the central characters. He’s played by Cliff Curtis and is being filmed here on the phone.


That boyfriend belongs to widowed guidance counselor Madison, played by Kim Dickens. Here she is sitting between takes, discussing politics or her favorite member of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies with showrunner Dave Erickson.


Here is Cliff Curtis with director Adam Davidson, glancing over the script.


Series creator Robert Kirkman tries to make his best George R.R. Martin face.


Here is Greg Nicotero, the show’s chief makeup artist, who creates the Walkers and other such grisly sights. I’ll leave it to you to discern what Dave Erickson is doing.


Erickson with Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer and veteran of the original series. And Aliens.


The clapboard after filming wrapped for the day. Am I the only one who finds this shot the most fascinating? You never get to see these up close, unless you pause at exactly the right moment in a DVD’s special features.

Fear The Walking Dead’s first season of six episodes will premiere this August on AMC. It already has a guaranteed second batch.

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