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SDCC2015: A Photo Gallery Of McFarlane’s Walking Dead Figures

by on 07/11/2015

The McFarlane Toys booth at San Diego Comic-Con has a veritable cornucopia of statuettes depicting the shambling undead and the hardened survivors who shoot them. We took some photos of a few.


Michonne comes ready for any situation, even packing extra arms if she loses the ones she’s got.


Carol is looking fashionable in her bloodstained robe and high-powered rifle accessory.


The entire prison, or just the towers and part of the gate, are recreated by McFarlane Toys. For the completist only!


This Walker doesn’t look very happy. You almost feel bad for it until you remember Walkers can’t really “feel” stuff.


Anyone miss Dale? He comes with his beach chair.


A close-up shot of the prison set. Hey, we found Merle!


Rick is near the top, holding on as best he can.


Great posing here; you can almost see her katana whip through his neck.


Doesn’t look good for the blue-shirted guy.

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