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Walking Dead Pool Results! How Good Were Your Guesses? (SPOILERS for ‘Spend’)

by on 03/16/2015

Two things that are the kiss of death on The Walking Dead?

Sudden character development.

An announcement that you’ve been cast on a new show.

Tyler James Williams had both. He was recently announced as one of the stars of a Criminal Minds spinoff. And last night, after ignoring his character for several episodes, we find out his character Noah wants to be an architect and that he has a girlfriend and is writing down his new experiences in a notebook. Things seem to be going well for him, he’s happy in Alexandria. He’s in it for the long-term and starting a new life.

So of course he was going to tragically die. The show gave us a big hint, early in the episode as the scouting group is riding in the van, when the only lyrics to Aiden’s dubstep song, “Now you’re going to die,” play while we’re looking at Noah’s face. And then later Glenn looks at Noah’s faces as walkers tear his head apart.

Speaking of Aiden, he also had sudden character development. We see that his parents love him and he’s actually starting to come around and listen to Glenn and be less of a douchebag. So, he gets blown up by a grenade and eaten alive by walkers. Aiden’s actor, Daniel Bonjour hasn’t been cast on another show that we know of, but he’s very convincing in the role so we hope this short appearance will lead to good things for him.

Finally, we’d be remiss here if we didn’t address the “Black Highlander Theory.” This is the partly joking theory that The Walking Dead is set up in a way that it never has more than one black male character for too long. The caveat is that there can be more than one black male character when the group is separated, but if they’re together “There can be only one” as that film’s tagline goes.

Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd has denied that the fact that this tends to happen is any more than a coincidence, but the show has now killed three black males from what we’d think of as the main group in a short span, and death of Noah now leaves Gabriel the only one left. That won’t do anything to quiet the theory. What do you think? Let us know in the comments or on the forum.


So, how did you do on your The Walking Dead Pool guesses. More than 18 percent of you successfully guessed that “Another Alexandrian” would be the next to die, the highest number. However, Noah only ranked third with 10 percent of the vote. The second biggest vote getter was Glenn with nearly 15 percent, whom I expect to stay high in the rankings for a while.

Look for a fresh The Walking Dead Pool later in the week, because I have a feeling not everyone’s making it through to the end of the finale.

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