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Walking Dead Actress Shannon Richardson Pleads Guilty To Ricin Letters

by on 12/11/2013

Shannon Richardson Pleads Guilty

Shannon Richardson, who actually appeared on AMC’s The Walking Dead, plead guilty for sending ricin letters addressed to President Obama and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The Texas mother of three entered into a plea at a federal court, and she is expected to receive a pretty hefty sentence for making threats against the president.

Shannon tried to frame her husband, Nathan Richardson, by contacting the FBI back in May and stating that her estranged husband was the person behind the letters.

However, through several investigations the authorities found her story wasn’t adding up, and she later confessed to the crimes when she knew it was over.

Shannon then later stated that she was trying to get revenge on Nathan, her husband that she was divorcing.

Shannon could have been sentenced to life in prison, but her plea deal will avoid that. She has had some minor roles on several television shows such as The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries.

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