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Which Walking Dead Character Is Next to Die? Vote in Our Poll!

by on 03/05/2015




Our The Walking Dead characters have made it to Alexandria, a place that seems safe and cozy. But looks can be deceiving, and when you let your guard down you’re at your most vulnerable.

We also have to note that there will be a surprise The Walking Dead cast member on Sunday night’s Talking Dead, following the new episode “Forget.” That doesn’t always mean someone left the show the hard way, but it often does.

Vote for whomever you think won’t make it out. After the episode we’ll compare the results with what happened and see how good our guesses were.

Warning: There are spoilers for previous episodes in this post and likely in the comments. But please, no spoilers for un-aired episodes. We will delete those if we see them.

Rick has smartened and toughened up through tragedy and learning from his own mistakes until he’s almost a force of nature, a pure survivor. Woe be it to anyone who threatens him, hi. Rick’s death would be the most surprising, since most of the comic plots, for years worth of stories, revolve around Rick.

Carl’s actually getting stuff to do for once. He’s killing walkers as a father son bonding episode, taking care of Judith and investigating the mystery of weird girl Enid. We don’t expect Carl to be going away any time soon, as much of the established storylines revolve around him.

250px-Season_five_judith_grimesBaby Judith
Judith has had her third major brush with death. She’s long dead at this point in the comics, but it doesn’t seem like the show has been willing to go through with it. She might be more valuable from a plot perspective as a vulnerable member of the group for others to protect. She’s lost her bodyguard/nanny Tyreese, but Carl seems to have taken on the role.

Michonne seems to have gotten her wish and found “another day and a chance” in Alexandria. But she’s still uneasy about whether she made the right choice. She’s also getting closer to Rick and Carl with each episode, so it’s unlikely they’ll cut that development short.

Is Daryl’s storyline at an end? Is he unable to fit into this new civilized world? Is there nothing left to do for him but to go out in a blaze of glory and leave Norman Reedus to pursue other projects? Or will the writers find this popular character a fulfilling new role?

Carol went through hell at Grady Memorial Hospital, surviving injuries that would have killed most people and then watching one of her friends die for no reason. But she’s tough, perhaps the toughest of any of the survivors. She’s clearly playing the Alexandrians by pretending to be mild and meek as well. If she dies, she’s not likely to go without a fight.

Morgan is on his way to rejoin our group on in Alexandria. We don’t expect he’ll die on the way, but he might be in danger after he reaches them.

Glenn and Maggie just headed off to D.C. with Abraham. They found out that mission was based on a lie. Then they made it back just in time to see that Beth had died. The experience seems to have hardened Glenn considerably. But we can’t help but notice he keeps encountering baseball bats.

Comic readers know that Maggie is prone to rash decisions. Will Beth’s death provoke one in her? She’s not likely to be thinking straight after losing her sister.

Sasha is bitter and angry after losing Bob, but also vulnerable. Her compassion led her to make a big mistake and she could feel culpable in Beth’s death. And now she’s lost Tyreese as well. Also, there are behind the scenes reasons, a pregnancy, that the actor might leave the show.

Everyone welcomed Tara with open arms. But she’s still no killer, as we saw during the church massacre. She’s still loyal to Glenn and went along for the ride on the Washington, D.C., which turned out to be a bust. The Alexandria’s now have Tara, not the most accomplished walker killer, making supply runs, so that might put her at risk.

Poor Abraham lost his one reason to live when it turned out that Eugene’s story about a cure for the walker plague in Washington, D.C. was a lie. But, crucially, he also decided he didn’t want to die. Looks like he might stick around a while longer and become a valuable member of Rick’s group.

Rosita is almost as shattered by Eugene’s lie as Abraham, but she took the opportunity to stand up to Abraham and be more than just an extra vote for his plans. Glenn also officially welcomed her to stay with their group and she showed useful survival skills. P

Eugene is sticking around, although he hasn’t done much of anything lately. The entire group now knows he’s a liar, but he also has smarts and skills that might encourage them to keep him around.

7d24f45d-794a-ce55-7836-8c721fe2a474_TWD_502_GP_0522_0107ed1Father Gabriel
Father Gabriel has the opposite of survival skills and terrible judgment. But after running away and finding Bob’s barbecued leg, he now knows he’ll have to be tougher if he wants to survive.

Beth died in a misguided attempt to save Noah. Then Tyreese died because Noah couldn’t be trusted to sit still for a minute. Will the guilt get to Noah? Will he be able to deal with the fact that his entire family is dead. He’s also served his narrative purpose by leading the survivors to Alexandria, so anything goes now.

Aaron led our group to Alexandria and clearly still has a part to play in their getting used to it. His storyline will probably last a while longer.

Deanna is the leader of Alexandria. She’s well-protected and important to the storyline. But as Rick said, his group is willing to take Alexandria for themselves if they have to. And you can bet that they’ll do it if there’s a worm at the center of this seemingly delicious apple.

Season_five_enidAnother Alexandrian
Jessie, Nicholas, Pete, Enid, Deanna’s douchebag son Aiden. The show has introduced a whole slew of new characters that might get killed off for various reasons.

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