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Greg Nicotero Discusses Fear The Walking Dead

by on 05/05/2015

The website Melty has scored a major exclusive by getting ahold of producer Greg Nicotero and conducting a short three-minute chat with him about Fear The Walking Dead.

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A short summary for those who aren’t in an area where they can conspicuously play videos: he says the Walkers may move and act different because of the differing climate in California, as opposed to Georgia.

Nicotero reveals we may not see or find out how the outbreak started, but we might see how people react to it. This was partly inspired by the reactions of panic to the various scare-pieces the media threw around about Ebola last year. “Even in the United States, there was a nurse who was working in Africa and came back to the United States and refused to go into quarantine. I think about stories like that and go, ‘Wow, maybe that could’ve been the beginning.’ In a TV show like Fear The Walking Dead, you get to ask those same questions.”

He also says the main difference between Fear The Walking Dead and the original series it spun off from is that there will be more of a focus on how the outbreak of Walkers affects families, especially at the beginning. “Going after your children to protect them, or going after your ex-wife and your child who’s with another parent. All these kinds of things that all pop up at the moment when things start to unravel….who do you protect and what extent do you go to to protect them?”

Fear The Walking Dead has already been approved for at least two seasons, the first of which will be six episodes long and will run late in the summer on AMC.

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