Lori killed off to early

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Lori killed off to early

This is a discussion on Lori killed off to early within the Episode 304 - Killer Within forums, part of the The Walking Dead Season 3 category. "Look i hate Lori as much as the next walking dead fan but i just thought it was way to ..."

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    Lori killed off to early

    Look i hate Lori as much as the next walking dead fan but i just thought it was way to soon to killer her off. It was really lame what they did with her death, doing good byes and all, no that's not the walking dead its sudden and quick, i hated how she died and i though it was badly done and IT WAS WAY TO EARLY TO KILL HER OFF.
    I think her death should have been just as they left the prison like in the comics, i don't want the TV series to be completely like the comics that's not what I'm saying but in this case it should have been a bit similar.
    Her death is a HUGE part in ricks character development, and it feels so damn rushed. The walking dead is making less and less sense with its story line it feels so damn mixed up and nothing really fits, example when rick said we're gonna do it dales way etc then he kills Shane which was a good then after they leave the farm its my way or the high way, and its like the writers are trying to make them fear not just fear the dead but the living but they haven't had a real experience yet to distrust anyone yet, like with the prisoners i get they are prisoners, but rick's coming off as the biggest asshole, and yes they were prisoners but still he acts like there was this previous event that made him like that and yes Shane was a small event but not enough to make rick a total over protective asshole. At the end of Killer with in i really did love the scene where rick finds out lori is dead that was terrific.

    And i get you might think I'm a troll or a fake fan but i do love the series but so far season 3 has been a huge disappointment to me, maybe its because i read the comics and i had/have high expectations. still if you look at the series from an unbiased view you would realize the dialog is a problem, the writing is badly done, and i don't know if its just me but the actors mumble their lines sometimes and i have no idea what they are trying to say.

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    While I can see why you think it was rushed, I was glad to see that they mixed it up a bit. This also fits nicely into another part of the comic that some of us want to see.


    Also, consider the crap that they have to go through now with the baby. In the comics Lori and Judith went out together in a nice little package. Rick and Co. will have to deal with everything and no help from mom. When Judith passes, and I am pretty sure she will, Rick will then have to deal with that.

    I really think that this route is going to be even worse for Rick then in the comics, but time will tell.

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    It was still pretty sudden and quick...

    I, too wish Lori would have lasted a little longer, but I don't think this change was too bad... I do, however, fear for what 12 episodes of grieving will be like... Rick's going to feel guilty and sad for a long time, and without a season break to pass some of that time, I fear the show might become too depressing...

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    Not every death is sudden, but they are all unexpected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballincrazie View Post
    And i get you might think I'm a troll or a fake fan...
    I think some people around here like to think of anyone with an unpopular opinion on the show as a troll... or "not a true fan." You can be a fan of the show and still be disappointed or enraged by it... I've watched this show since it started and it's one of my favourite shows ever. I also read the comics and loved them too... But both the show and the comics piss me off over and over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skaeryll View Post
    Not every death is sudden, but they are all unexpected.
    Some of them are a lot more expected than others... Even if you didn't read the comics or any spoilers, you would have had to have seen Shane's death coming... And while we may not have expected T-Doug to die this soon, we did expect him to not last too much longer, because they weren't taking any opportunities to make his character important to the plot... We knew he was doomed. There are other characters whose deaths won't be too surprising either...

    Unless you mean that the deaths are a surprise to the group, because I guess the group doesn't see themselves how we do. They don't see "oooh, Beth isn't talking very much... She'll probably die." To the group, every death is shocking. (except maybe Shane... Rick knew that was coming.)

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    The only deaths I saw coming were Amy, Jim and Shane... because the first 2 were pretty much the same and the last was the same just later.

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    Even Sarah Wayne Callies was surprised when she got the call from Glen Mezzara(sp). She wanted Rick and Lori to resolve their issues and make up. The powers that be had different plans. Only when they looked at one another through the fence was that the last time Rick and lori would see one another.

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    I thought T-Dog died too early, not Lori.

    I can see why she needed to die now.

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    IMO I want them to throw on a loop. I want to be suprised and caught off guard. This is why I am enjoying the series. Ive read the comics, I liked them. Why would want to know what going to happen next. I treat them as seperate entities. Ive read the comics, I love the basic premise and ideas, now I want something new.

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