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Neill Blomkamp Draws Some New Alien Art

by on 07/16/2015

Neill Blomkamp, if you recall, was the director who painted up some really great images for an imaginary Alien (and Aliens) sequel. The images went viral, attracted the attention of Fox, and led to his actually getting a job creating that movie. Sometimes dreams come true. For everyone.

Today Blomkamp made this tweet:
going very well. Love this project https://instagram.com/p/5NUtoZKhM_/

The Instagram link led to a new piece of art. We can assume this is depicting a scene from the upcoming movie:


Despite the paintings that are out there giving us some good clues, the biggest questions surrounding this movie remain unanswered, the biggest one being where it fits in the Alien timeline. It was originally assumed this film was going to cancel out Alien 3 and everything that came after it (which was fine with me and a lot of other fans), but then Fox suggested that no, Alien 3 was still canon. Then Blomkamp implied it took place between movies 2 and 3……a statement that made no sense given literally nothing happens between movies 2 and 3. The only possibility was the incredibly disappointing “this is Ripley’s dream” possibility, but Blomkamp says that’s not the case either. (Why would Ripley dream about being a 60-year-old woman anyway?)

So…..I have no idea, folks. This is truly baffling.

Alien 5 is under development and Fox and currently has no release date or proper title.

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