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Battlefield 1 Info Drops Via Alpha Leak

by Todd Blackon 07/05/2016
Currently, EA is running an alpha beta with a group of gamers for its title Battlefield 1. This is meant to test the game and get feedback for it going forward. However, one of the group has gone to Reddit and posted what they found out about Battlefield 1. Spoilers ahead. Apparently, the game itself […]

Battlefield 1 Weapons Designer Give Details On Gameplay

by Todd Blackon 06/07/2016
In a Q&A with Twitch Livestreamer Darkness 429, DICE’s Weapon Designer for Battlefield 1 got to talk about what you can expect from the weapons and gear of the title. For example, how do the weapons compare to past Battlefield games? “The weapons of Battlefield 1 are a bit more specialized. To get the most […]

EA Feared Younger Gamers Wouldn’t Know WWI Was Real

by Todd Blackon 06/03/2016
War may be a certainty in this world, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows about every war that’s ever happened. To that end, EA was initially worried when the team at DICE proposed Battlefield 1, set in World War 1. “World War 1,” said Blake Jorgensen at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Global […]

EA Announces Livestream For Battlefield 1

by Todd Blackon 06/01/2016
In a post on their website, EA has revealed the first livestream for the upcoming Battlefield 1. This battle will be massive in scale, as it will feature 64-players at once via the Battlefield Squads mode. Here is the full breakdown: The First-Ever Battlefield™ 1 Multiplayer Livestream at EA Play on June 12 at 2:00PM PT […]

EA Initially Rejected Battlefield 1

by Todd Blackon 05/18/2016
Battlefield 1 is taking a different path than other war games in that it’s being set in World War 1. As EA Studios boss, Patrick Söderlund notes though at the investor briefing yesterday, that pitch didn’t go over well at first. “It wasn’t the most obvious choice,” Söderlund said. “When the team presented to me […]

Battlefield 1 Aims To Have Better Launch

by Todd Blackon 05/09/2016
Battlefield has long tried to overtake Call of Duty in the “war game” department. Despite being the original one, Call of Duty has surpassed it on many levels, despite some impressive games. But also, Battlefield games are now infamous for their releases, and the bugs that come with them. In an interview with GamesBeat, Lead […]