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Battlefield 4 DLC To Be Given Away For Free

by Todd Blackon 05/17/2016
As part of it’s “Road To Battlefield 1” promotion, and spotted on the Xbox One Community Calendar listing, Battlefield 4’s last DLC, titled Final Stand, will be given away for free to Xbox Live Gold members on Wednesday, May 18. The plan for the promotion is to release the DLC of both Battlefield 4 and […]

Battlefield 1 Aims To Have Better Launch

by Todd Blackon 05/09/2016
Battlefield has long tried to overtake Call of Duty in the “war game” department. Despite being the original one, Call of Duty has surpassed it on many levels, despite some impressive games. But also, Battlefield games are now infamous for their releases, and the bugs that come with them. In an interview with GamesBeat, Lead […]