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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s New Zombie Mode Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/16/2016
Activision has taken the cover off the theme for the Zombies mode in Infinite Warfare, and it’s…interesting, to say the least. They told us the final zombie-related chapter in Black Ops 3 would be closing up the storyline to restart anew for…something. Are you prepared for the something? While the Zombies mode has never been […]

Call of Duty Getting Panel At SDCC

by Todd Blackon 07/12/2016
Activision has revealed that there will be a special Call of Duty Panel at San Diego Comic Con, the panel itself will take place on the 21st. The panel will be hosted by Greg Miller, and will focus on the upcoming Infinite Warfare, and is going to feature new footage for the game‚Äôs new story […]

Infinite Warfare Will Have Deeper Story, Real Themes

by Todd Blackon 06/15/2016
The recent Call of Duty games have been focusing more on gameplay than story in some ways, and this has been noted by both critics and gamers. However, with Infinite Warfare, the focus is going back to story as well as maintaining the gameplay long-time players will recognize. And apparently, it will feel like a […]