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Skybound Announces Third Walking Dead Compendium Coming in October

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/14/2015
Skybound Entertainment has announced a third The Walking Dead Compendium, scheduled to hit store shelves in October. According to this handy chart, the compendium will cover issues 97 through 144. It Begins with the “Something to Fear” storyline and the introduction of Negan and runs to a future unreleased issue. The comic is currently only […]
The Walking Dead 122 Cover

The Walking Dead Comic 122 Coming Wednesday

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/24/2014
Part eight of the “All Out War” storyline hits the comic book stores and digital services such as Comixology Wednesday, Feb. 26, as the battle between The Walking Dead factions continues. The teaser tagline for this issue is that “Negan has a plan.” That, that’s probably not a good thing. Check out the cover and […]

Abraham Coming to The Walking Dead

Michael Cudlitz on Abraham Ford: a Man, a Mission, a Mustache (Spoilers)

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/17/2014
So now that we’ve seen the introduction of Abraham Ford with last night’s The Walking Dead episode, “Inmates,” let’s see what actor Michael Cudlitz has to say about his character. “He’s not to be f—ed with. He will kill you,” Cudlitz said. Ooohkay. Duly noted. Cudlitz talked at length about his character in TV Guide […]

The Walking Dead Comic #119 Sneak Peek

by Jakobion 01/04/2014
The Walking Dead comic #119 is set to be released by Image Comics, and it will hit the shelves on January 8th. The latest issue in the Robert Kirkman comic book is part 5 of the All Out War series. The story is of course written by Robert Kirkman, and the artwork is done by […]

The Governor Attacks The Prison In Mid-Season Finale ‘Too Far Gone’

by Jakobion 11/29/2013
The Governor is back, back again to attack the prison during this Sunday’s mid-season finale titled, Too Far Gone. This Sunday marks the halfway point for season 4, and so we can almost guarantee that something big is going to happen. Will the Governor finally succeed? Will the prison finally be abandoned? Who will die? There […]

10th Anniversary Walking Dead Issue Tops October Comic Sales Charts

by Jakobion 11/09/2013
The 10th anniversary Walking Dead comic has done it, and that means Image Comics has done it again. The Walking Dead issue #115 topped the comic charts this past month as fans flocked to get a copy of the 10th anniversary issue. TOP 10 COMIC BOOKS RANK DESCRIPTION PRICE VENDOR 1 THE WALKING DEAD #115 […]

The Walking Dead Comic Issue 112 Preview

by Jakobion 07/05/2013
The Walking Dead comic issue 112 is about to hit the shelves and the the four page preview is here. The next installment in the Robert Kirkman series is set for a July 10th release, however you can catch a glimpse of what is to come. According to THR, Rick is preparing for the attack […]

The Walking Dead Comic Number 110 Preview

by Jakobion 05/03/2013
The newest Walking Dead comic number 110, is set, and we have a four page preview of the next installment in the comic book series. In this issue we are coming to point where we thought it would head, a war. Rick Grimes is getting ready to battle up against Negan and there are some who are […]

Walking Dead #106 Comic Preview Featuring A Special Cover Variant

by Jakobion 01/05/2013
Walking Dead #106 is set to be released on January 9th, and this happens to be Charlie Adlard’s 100th issue of the Robert Kirkman comic. We have the first four pages for you to check out below of the newest addition thanks to The Hollywood Reporter. The Walking Dead #106 WRITTEN BY: Robert Kirkman ART BY: […]
#100 Issue of The Walking Dead Comic

The Walking Dead Comic #100 Issue July Sales Kill Competition

by Jakobion 08/04/2012
The #100 issue of Robert Kirkman’s comic series, The Walking Dead, took the top spot for July in the comic sales charts. This highly anticipated issue sold over 380,000 copies in July, which was ahead of Avengers VS. X-Men by Marvel comics. While Kirkman’s zombie series has been out for sometime now, this is the first […]