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dave erickson

Where’s Tobias? Showrunner Dave Erickson Answers FTWD Questions

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/04/2016
Yahoo TV had a chat with Dave Erickson, showrunner for Fear The Walking Dead, about the upcoming second season. There are a lot of questions viewers have. What kind of danger can you get into on a boat? How did Madison adapt to a survivalist lifestyle so well? And more importantly, what happened to Tobias, […]
jeffrey dean morgan

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan Speaks On Playing Negan

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/10/2015
Entertainment Weekly just published an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor chosen to play the infamous TWD character Negan. Morgan discussed his thoughts about tackling such a major villain, and his enthusiasm for his debut on the TV series. He knew exactly who Negan was: “So my agent and manager were on the phone […]

scott gimple

Scott Gimple Discusses TWD Midseason Finale And What Awaits In February

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/01/2015
There’s a new interview with TWD showrunner Scott Gimple on Yahoo TV, in which he discusses key scenes from the midseason finale, the evolution of certain characters, and what awaits in the second half that starts February 14. Here are the most interesting parts from that conversation…. (If you haven’t watched the episode yet, the […]
katelyn nacon

Katelyn Nacon Confirms Turtle-Eater-Girl Has Secrets

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/24/2015
Last Sunday (SPOILERS ahead) Glenn just survived, somehow, and fittingly the next thing he did was encounter another person who does the same frequently. Katelyn Nacon sat down for a discussion with Yahoo TV about Enid, the character she plays, and if there’s more to her than we’ve seen so far. We will indeed learn […]

Robert Kirkman Chats About Fear The Walking Dead

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/19/2015
IGN interviewed Robert Kirkman recently about the development process regarding his upcoming Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of what he revealed.* The show is Dave Erickson’s product as much as it is Robert’s: “Working with Dave, he and I came up with all these characters and created this […]

AMC’s Blog Posts Norman Reedus Q&A

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/10/2015
The official blog of AMC has posted a post-season interview with Norman Reedus. He discusses the events of the past few episodes, his methods of playing Daryl, and what flavor of bootleg beer Daryl would create for himself. Norman unwinds by riding his motorcycle: “I always have my motorcycle on set, so I’ll ride through […]

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus and Frank Darabont Discussed Making Daryl ‘Prison Gay’

by Shawn Hopkinson 09/26/2014
Yes, Norman Reedus did say in his recent GQ interview that he and original The Walking Dead showrunner and show creator Frank Darabont discussed plans that Reedus would play Daryl Dixon as gay. Specifically “prison gay.” “I remember Frank Darabont, after the first season we were at a party in LA, He said, ‘I’ve got […]

What’s Ahead For Daryl Dixon? Death, Cannibalism, or Personal Growth?

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/28/2014
Will Daryl eat Beth in this Sunday’s episode? Despite the fact that Norman Reedus tweeted “Just watched next weeks episode. AMAZING!!!!!! BETH (so good!!!))” and some wags have taken it that way, probably not, unless he turns into a walker first. Beth’s too stringy. Will Daryl die? Well, there’s a poll right now at that […]

Norman Reedus Talks Fans, Daryl, and Family

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/18/2014
Can’t get enough Norman Reedus? You’re not the only one. Reedus told Men’s Journal that he signs a lot of butts nowadays: “I’ve seen Daryl tattooed on maybe a thousand people. I’ve been asked to put my breath in a bottle and seal it up. I’ve had babies named after me. There was one lady who asked […]

Robert Kirkman Shares Details About Season 4 Of The Walking Dead

by Jakobion 07/13/2013
The Walking Dead season 4 is approaching and fans are dying to know anything they can about it, and Robert Kirkman recently sat down with THR to shed some light on the highly successful television series. When asked about how will season 4 start, or will there be a time jump, Robert Kirkman had the […]