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Six New Walking Dead Season 7 Photos Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/29/2016
Six new stills from the upcoming Walking Dead season have been brought to light by Entertainment Weekly. Let’s examine them and see what we can find…. This is Morgan, who looks to be standing somewhere near the location where we last saw him in Season 6. We’ll see how breaking his “no kill” policy has […]
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First Images From Walking Dead’s Season 7 Opener Tell Us Nothing

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/14/2016
AMC has published the first image from the season premiere episode of The Walking Dead, but if you told me it was a screenshot from last spring’s finale, I would have believed you. This is Negan, performing the rant we’ve already heard. He clearly hasn’t done the deed yet because Lucille is nice and clean. […]

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New Walking Dead Season 6 Images

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/17/2015
Fear The Walking Dead is very close to premiering, but if it’s the new misadventures of Rick and Daryl you’re looking for, you’ll have to wait until October. Fortunately AMC has provided us with these screens of The Walking Dead Season 6 to tide you all over. “Hey! What are you lookin’ at? Am I […]
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Guess What, More Fear The Walking Dead Screens

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/24/2015
Had enough? I’LL TELL YOU when you’ve had enough. It’s time for more Fear The Walking Dead screens. This time, unlike the obviously staged batch from yesterday, these are clearly taken from episodes. In fact, they’re even labeled with the episodes they came from! Isn’t that courteous? EPISODE 1: Cliff Curtis as Travis, Kim Dickens […]