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New Update Causes New Glitches For The Division

by Todd Blackon 07/21/2016
The Division: The Underground is the first major expansion for the game. Almost immediately though, problems were found in the game. Certain weapons were found to deal way more damage than others, and other problems were plaguing players too. In response, Ubisoft did a 3-hour fix, here is what they came out with: Reduced the […]

The Division DLC Not Found By Gamers After Buying It

by Todd Blackon 06/28/2016
Today is the release date for The Division’s first massive DLC pack, titled Underground. However, as is becoming routine with this title, there is a problem. Many gamers are reporting that after buying the DLC, they can’t find it, even if they own the Season Pass which should grant it automatically. Ubisoft is apparently aware […]

The Division 1.3 Patch Will Only Affect Certain Weapons

by Todd Blackon 06/20/2016
In a post on the Ubisoft forums, the developer stated that the upcoming 1.3 patch will only affect certain current weapons, and only a few future ones: “In putting together patch notes, it’s become clear that there are specific changes coming to the weapons that will impact some existing weapons. Some of the changes will […]

The Division’s Underground DLC Content Possibly Leaked

by Todd Blackon 06/09/2016
There has been very little detail given about the upcoming DLC for The Division, titled “Underground”. However, details on The Division Field Guide seems to indicate new places, PVE maps, and other content as well. First, there is a new Incursion called Dragon’s Nest. Then there are new Dark Zones, five in fact. Also, there […]

Amazon Reveals Release Date For The Division Expansion

by Todd Blackon 06/06/2016
In a post on Amazon, the release date for the first true expansion to The Division, titled, The Underground, will arrive on June 28. “Code will be delivered starting on 25 June 2016 and you will be able to download it to your Xbox One but the game will not be playable until 00:01 on […]

Latest Patch For The Division Has “Failed”

by Todd Blackon 06/02/2016
In a post on the Ubisoft Forums, the team behind The Division revealed that during scheduled maintenance, the latest patch for the game “failed”. Forcing the¬†maintenance to stop and delays to be made. “Prior to deployment, it has been found that the patch was unsuccessful and has been delayed. As such, today’s maintenance will finish […]

Ubisoft Lists Currently Known Bugs In The Division

by Todd Blackon 05/27/2016
The bug issue within Ubisoft’s The Division has been well documented, as the game has been littered with bugs since launch, and only grows with each new update. To try and show they understand this, Ubisoft made a post on their forums about the bugs. Listing them out and linking them to sub-forums where they […]

Update Causes Players To Disappear In The Division

by Todd Blackon 05/25/2016
Ubisoft’s The Division appears to have another bug epidemic on its hands. No sooner did the recent 1.2 Update hit, than players began reporting on the Ubisoft Forums that their characters were disappearing. Ubisoft has responded to this, even going to the forums and ask: “Hey, our team is aware of the issue. Can you […]

The Division Update 1.2: Conflict Detailed

by Todd Blackon 05/24/2016
In a post on the official The Division website, Ubisoft went into great detail about the upcoming free update called Conflict. This update has numerous new features, while also fixing problems the game has had. You can read part of the update below, and read the rest here. NEW FEATURES New Incursion: Clear Sky Clear […]

Division Has Gotten 9.7 Million Players

by Todd Blackon 05/13/2016
During an earnings call yesterday, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that there are currently 9.5 million gamers registered on The Division. Furthermore, not only has this exceeded Ubisoft’s expectations, gamers on average are spending 3-4 hours a day through each playthrough. Guillemot notes that this is the largest release for any new franchise. Other games […]