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Zombie Animals? Kirkman Explains Why There Aren't Any

Robert Kirkman

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t any zombie animals on The Walking Dead? I know we have. In fact we have a few threads about that very same subject. Simpy searching the forum you can find probably a half dozen topics relating to that very thing, and quite frankly, I have wondered it as well.

Zombie Animals

No Zombie Animals?

Zombie Animals. More terrifying?

Well on Thursday night, Robert Kirkman appeared on the Conan Show and he was faced with that very question, why aren’t there any zombie animals on the television show? Kirkman explained the following.

“The artist that draws the comic book loves drawing people, loves drawing zombies, does not enjoy drawing animals so much.”

There you have it folks! The reason why we don’t have any cool zombie animals walking around is because Charlie Adlard doesn’t like to draw them. Maybe we should email, or tweet, or whatever at Charlie, to see if he could possibly change his mind.

I don’t know about you, but it would be pretty wild to see some zombie animals roaming around. I mean just think of the zoo? You can have zombie bears, lions, elephants, and all sorts of craziness going on. While it probably won’t happen, it would be really cool to have some.

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  1. If you have zombie animals, the ability to survive goes to zero. Almost every animal on the planet can outrun a human, zombie squirrels dropping from trees, zombie dogs roaming in packs. And, if it infects animals, then would you have zombie bugs? If the zombie virus is transmitted by mosquitos, the human race would survive for about four minutes.

    • Bloodfire says:

      That makes no sense at all. How many human zombies do you see running or sprinting in the show? None, that’s how many because the zombies only have the very basic motor functions and are incapable of running. So it stands to reason animals would be the same. A zombie dog for example could walk faster than a zombie human but not run faster than a living a human. Human zombies don’t have the motor functions or brain power to climb, therefore it stands to reason that climbing animals couldn’t either or if they could, it would be slow awkward movements, certainly not jumping or falling out of trees. As for infected bugs/insects, it also stands to reason that the virus could possible kill a bug outright as soon as it got affected, just to make the storyline interesting though of course. But still very possible.

      • Truxton Spangler says:

        It does make sense actually, because TWD has shown no consistency at all since the second season began. So anything is possible. As for running zombies, the series started off with shambling walkers, but lately not only are they really fast, but super aggressive and super sneaky. The new walkers show up out on nowhere and while they do not run yet, they shamble really fast, almost like speed shambling. Only a matter of time before they show walkers sprinting after chatty Rick and his retarded chatty friends.

        • TheGravCaptain says:

          What the hell does “Chatty Rick” and “retarded chatty friends” mean? Not one person in his group is retarded, they’ve managed to survive this long haven’t they?

        • Marie says:

          You’ve never really thought of the possibility that zombies might evolve? i dunno if that’s possible or not, but it could happen. After all, it’s all fiction.

      • Seen resident evil?, those dogs aren’t slow by any means ;)

      • Darling says:

        No sense of having zombie animals, but its kinda puzzling coz on the series, there were birds and dogs seen eating dead people.. :p

  2. Steve C. says:

    The series is about survivors and what they do to each other. The zombies exist, but they really don’t play an important role in the whole series. I’ve always pictured the Walking Dead as an accurate depiction of humanity if such an event were to actually happen. Survival is the name of the game. Stumble into a den of kids who survived who have supplies and you don’t but you’re the only one who’s armed and see just how strong the will to survive is.

    It’s our base instinct. Do you leave the kids be and starve to death? hoping that maybe there might be food somewhere else close? do you see if they’re willing to share? or do you take it from them by force? some people aren’t troubled by these questions. They’d shoot first and take the supplies.

    Morality goes out the window when there is no civilization to enforce it. The will to survive is everything. Having zombie animals in the show would drastically limit that ability to survive. I don’t think many people realize that in a world such as ours there is 5 thousand zombies for every 1 survivor. Take that in a bit and realize how having zombie animals would ensure our extinction.

    • toenailsinagumballmachine says:

      if something like this would happen for real, there would be no surviving, it would only become “how long can i hold out?” situation. in general people are weak and fearful.. and living off the land is a dying art.

  3. Laughingguy88 says:

    Yeah but how sick would it be to see a zombie shark

  4. Well perhaps the virus affects people and Simians? Zombie Chimpanzees anyone? With the story being set in the Southern US we don’t seek Chimps in the wild out here, and it’s safe to assume that any in the zoo’s would be locked in any way, and the few not in zoo would such a small number that it wouldn’t register most places

  5. Faegoat says:

    Littered with spelling, grammar and other syntax errors. GTFO of my internet until you learn to review properly.

  6. I want to know who mows the lawns

  7. Zombie Lover says:

    The Walking Dead goes by a silent nod to old school zombies. “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth” kind of thing, So other then the Laziness of not liking drawing animals, if you go by most religions Animals have no souls. So they wouldn’t turn into a zombie at death.

    At least that is my opinion on a more deeper meaning. I think they sometimes give bull shit answers because explaining the real reasons they don’t do something takes less time/effort/ and backlash. Understandable? Yeah. Lazy as shit? Welcome to humanity.

  8. toenailsinagumballmachine says:

    obviously zombie goats that are extremely agoraphobic and camera shy keep the grass trimmed.

  9. Why would the animals get infected??? When you have the flu and your sneeze on your cat, does it get the flu too? Different diseases are specific to different species, so why would it be so unbelievable that this one is too?

  10. I never cared much for Adlard’s art when he took over. I liked Moore’s better.

    I wonder about the lack of flies, so I wonder if the virus doesn’t affect them. I mean, we do see one now and again, but they should be like clouds in this zombie-infested world! I would like to see some maggots dripping out of eyeballs at some point.

  11. I think zombie chimpanzees would be a great idea. They’re close enough to humans that they are afflicted by most of the same diseases so it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch. Could be a one off thing in an episode, and they’d be no more agile or faster than a walker is compared to a live human.

    • veggiedude says:

      Chimpanzees can’t get AIDS. They are immune to HIV.

      • Actually chimpanzees have a similar disease SIV Simian Immunodeficiency vVrus.
        They can be infected withe the human HIV virus, they don’t get the disease but they become carriers and must be kept from human contact .
        They can get many of our diseases like Polio, Tuberculossis and the like, the common cold we get is almost always fatal to wild chimps who have no resistance to it.

        • zombie dolphins? As they are almost as smart as humans? Probably the second smartest being on this planet!

          • Ankit Malasi says:

            Doesn’t matter how smart they are when alive. Zombies are dumber than a rat.

  12. It doesn’t even matter, the whole show doesn’t make sense at it’s core. The only way people ever get bitten is by wearing triple headphones with hard rock on and running around blindfolded. Come to think of it, it’s pretty cheap and pathetic how they manage to sneak a zombie behind someone all the time.

    • ROBERT says:

      I believe it was back in Season 1, when the group was staying in the CDC underground bunker, as you may recall, the CDC scientist told Rick that it doesn’t matter because the virus is airborne and every human being is already infected. A more recent episode (from Season 2), when Shane was stabbed confirmed that even the living (humans) already have the virus; that is, a bite from a Zombie is NOT required for a character “to turn.” Indeed, I believe the series title, “The Walking Dead” refers to the group (of living characters) rather than the zombies they seek to avoid.

      • veggiedude says:

        We also learnt that the virus was worldwide, and France was mentioned in particular. However, I believe the British Isles were unaffected. Well, not quite, many people died – but the zombie virus mutated and thus that explains why there were no walkers in the BBC Series ‘Survivors’ (2008-2010). If you’ve never seen the two seasons of it, it makes great filler material until season 4 of TWD. Netfix has it.

  13. katie says:

    If you’ve read The Zombie Survival guide by Maxx Brooks. It explains that the zombie virus can’t spread through animals, but I am aware of the fact that the comics are based on a world that’s never heard of the zombie virus

    • str8 facts says:

      It makes absolutely no sense that a Chimpanzee wouldn’t turn into a zombie after coming into contact with a infected human.

  14. In the zombie genre, animals are never infected. The only nuance is whether
    the zombies eat animals. That has only been a recent (last 10 years)

    • Ankit Malasi says:

      Pet Sematary? Resident Evil? I’m Legend?(Yes, they were actually vampires, but they looked like zombies to me)

  15. David Urban says:

    Where’s the zombie babies?

  16. Generally speaking, if a so-called artist says he doesn’t like to draw something, it means they’re no good at it, ergo, not a real artist.

    • Wow, aren’t we stupid…
      A real artist doesn’t need to draw EVERYTHING, you idiot. But i suppose that your arrogance won’t let you see that…

      • TMaster says:

        Im so very confused, I watched the tv show and I did think it was animated at all… well no the horse from the start may have been… JK

    • Are you serious?

    • Ankit Malasi says:

      An artist takes several years to master the human form. If he is to draw animals, he has to waste several more years studying for something that is little in demand, because he not only has to learn the anatomy of each animal species (there are 100s and 1000s of them), but also learn how to make each animal of the same species look noticeably different from each other. That’s a lot of hard work for hardly any increase in returns.
      In other words, he’s not a bad artist, just a smart one.

  17. trisha says:

    Animals would have to be seen murdered and humans feel more compasion towards animal cruelty rather than onto other humans. Even if its a zombie dog creeping up on them it would be hard for the actors and audience alike to see them stab animals all over the place. It’s a weird truth just as how Most (not all) but 90% of people are able to sit and watch those “help the starving children” commericals….but can’t even bare to hear the voice over on the “help the abused animals” commercials and quickly fumble for the remote to change the channel. I think its very smart of them not to do so.

    • That’s a interesting point, I suppose if the show had tons of violence against animals (even zombie ones) it would probably start to feel too unpleasant. Also, I wouldn’t it it past some people to copy what they see on tv on a real animal for laughs.

    • Ankit Malasi says:

      No. People feel more compassion towards humans than animals. It’s just that, thanks to violent movies we have been desensitized to human violence. But, we still feel more compassion towards human victims of real violence, than animal victims.

    • Roronoa Zoro says:

      This isnt about just the tv show. There isnt any zombie animals in the comics either.

  18. D2Kvirus says:

    Zombie animals? That’s…just…DUMB.

    • str8 facts says:

      And a virus that brings the dead back to life isn’t????? Like how is that even possible????

      • whitewerewolf13 says:

        it is possible because sense frankinstein’s monster .. humans have been sure it could be done and fear it .. so a good horror story is that all the figures and guesses and theories finally make it happen ,. especially in our time of bio weapons

  19. Maybe the virus only affects human no other species.

  20. queentoqueenslevel3 says:

    Dumb answer from someone I would expect a better answer from. First off, in zombie lore, animals are not affected by the reanimation virus. Outside of Stephen Kings “Pet Cemetery”, I can’t recall seeing animals become zombies in the history of the genre, especially on film.

    • Reversons says:

      Resident Evil had zombie dogs

      • Ankit Malasi says:

        That’s the first thing that think of when I think of zombie animals. Although, Resident Evil 3 is the only game of the franchise that I have played. I tried RE5, but it looked more like a action game than a horror game.

    • Ankit Malasi says:

      It was an honest answer.
      You prefer a lie that sounds good, than the truth?

    • A.More says:

      Because all movies share the same universe and the same rules, right? Considering this is based on the comics, which in turn are based on Romero lore, which never gives a reason for why there are Zombies in the first place (no Virus), which in turn is also NOT done in the comics (again, no Virus, or at least not yet) why would you assume other lore (especially when so much of that lore is conflicting with itself) is applicable?

      Also watch more movies!

    • alice says:

      Resident Evil (3, Extinction, I think) had zombie infected crows because they ate off people who were infected.

    • whitewerewolf13 says:

      even the resident evil game suggested zombie sharks cause they don’t die after there is no water .. and the alligator and the snakes and spiders in resident evil .. but this virus was made to seek dna to make it stronger and adapt to it’s surroundings

  21. my dads a walkin dead fan no animals zombies

  22. John D. O'Brien says:

    Zombie Kitteh iz waiting for better offer from agent….

  23. Couldn’t this be answered less honestly, and to a greater sense of satisfaction? Perhaps this iteration of generic zombie virus doesn’t affect other species? Plenty of that in the real world guys. I can’t give a cold to a dog, as far as I know.

    Much better than “Our artist is a cunt”.

    • LOL

    • A.More says:

      The explanation given by Kirkman on Conan is a long running inside joke from the comic. Adlard is not really too lazy, it is just that there are no Zombie animals in the Walking Dead lore, because Kirkman does not want there to be any. Same as for the origin of the plague. There is no Virus. It just happens. Kirkman sometimes enjoys stringing along people with outrageous theories when it is clear he will never answer these questions, simply because that is the way he wants it to be. Romero never had an explanation and neither will the Walking Dead ever have a definitive one. Sure the characters will speculate, but that is beside the point anyway.

    • whitewerewolf13 says:

      kirkman did not say that remotely about the artist and was not needed to be said here .. & some animals to get colds and athsma and that type stuff just humans .. allergies and all that like us .. animals can carry it and sometimes don’t show the same affects as us .. these are all different diseases and virus variations but based on studies .. not all proven but some suggest and some proven


  25. If animals could carry and transmit the Zombie plague there would be absolutely no chance for humans. Imagine Zombie mosquitoes biting all the time. It would be instant game over.

    • TMaster says:

      Well that would make no sense to be honest since mosquitoes find you by body heat and carbon dioxide so they wouldnt even know that the zombies exist.

    • str8 facts says:

      Also I have NEVER HEARD OF insects getting infected by Humans or Animals pathogens. They can carry Human germs but won’t be affected by it.

  26. Andrew Thompson says:

    Maybe Because The zombies Ate Almost All The Freaking Animals! When They Cant Find any Humans To Eat…..

  27. i get kirkman says:

    don’t tell the artist what to do.
    respect his creative freedom.
    if you want zombie animals, then create your own zombie comic book.

    • Leah Lee says:

      Totally agree. And this comic has been going on for so long, he shouldn’t have to change it now that TWD has gone mainstream. Leave a brilliant, perfect thing alone.

  28. Kenda Willie says:

    At least Kirkman was totally honest rather than spouting off some wild tale to explain the lack of zombie animals. We fans also can’t get super mad at Adlard because of his lack of animal drawing desire – he has given us a few animals in the comics here and there. Besides, I think zombie animals are a bit much with such a…full (?) storyline as it is. And a few of the other commenters have a point – zombie animals means that human survival is dropped to barely anything. In my opinion, I think animals would have a better response to zombies than humans at any rate. The whole flight-or-fight response. The humans in the comic at times have issues killing off certain zombies – or in some cases, any zombies – because they are still believing that the undead are their friends and family. That human compassion is often their downfall (For example, the incident at Hershel’s farm…). Animals on the other hand would have no qualms about running away (or possibly fighting) when faced with the undead.

  29. TMaster says:

    Atleast he was honest… But they didn’t draw the zombies in the tv show, I know animation when I see it so this is just an excuse and not a reason.
    Mine aswell said he had a puppy who died so he couldnt do it

  30. nabeel says:

    Bringing ZombieAnimals would make a might good story and a new challenge!

  31. Moviemaster says:

    Yes, and zombie insects like mosquito’s which would make survival impossible

  32. PlayerHater_of_the_Year says:

    What would be the point of a Zombie Bear? The Grizzly Bear is already a killing machine. Making it a zombie is just taking away its senses and motivation. I’d rather fight a zombie grizzly than a real live angry one.

  33. Zombies are slow as fuck , so you want a slow as fuck dog or cat or bear lol ? Or all of a sudden the virus doesn’t effect motor skills of animals and they still run fast and such? It would be stupid to have zombie animals.

    • Ethan Baker says:

      No. What’s stupid is for the zombie virus to only affect humans. Completely illogical.

      • Roronoa Zoro says:

        No. It’s completely illogical to think that every single living organism would be affected by the zombie virus.

      • ChiefR96 says:

        That’s like saying a dog contracting chicken pox is logical, and a person would get mange after touching a hairless dog, and that it’s illogical for certain diseases to not affect different species. Certain diseases could be the result of a genetic mutation in the cell structure of a specific creature, so it would make sense if that disease only spread among those creatures.

      • Ethan, even though it iis impossible to reanimate the dead and even then it is unlikely they would crave human flesh, real science typically demonstrates viruses that do not jump species so your argument doesnt hold water.

        • whitewerewolf13 says:

          exactly we are assuming the virus only craves meat .. eventually could mutate but would mostly seek hosts that would be most easily to convince to seek the virus’s food of choice 1st .. then oly mutate when those are not available but then .. lions and tigers and dogs and cats should have been infected 1st but if it was suppose to be a man made virus engineered for humans it would take a while for it to mutate .. but if it is like the flu virus it almost changes over night .. that is why there are always more and more strains

  34. Captain Scorpio says:

    In David Wellington’s zombie novels pretty much anything with a spinal cord becomes a zombie when it dies. The worst were the pigeons, but I think the mice would have taken us out.

  35. Sebastian Fudali says:

    In most of zombie films this is a human only virus, like HIV, so it cannot live in an animal.

    • whitewerewolf13 says:

      wait then that means animal dna is possibly the cure for hiv

    • Ashley Young says:

      hiv and aids started in monkeys….

      • Sebastian Fudali says:

        It’s the most possible theory.
        It mutated and adapted to humans.
        Maybe this virus/bacteria/fungus could mutate to adapt to animals?
        But I don’t think it would fork for herbivores, only for carnivores, as their natural food is meat and they have instincts to huntfor meat.
        In resident evil there were zombie dogs.

        • Ashley Young says:

          yea no im not a fan of the “zombie animal” idea i was just sayin about monkeys haha

  36. Thomas Kritzer says:

    If you start turning animals, especially birds you get an no-win scenario, like in resident evil. No humans survive unless they can become hybrids. Of course walking dead has no real consistency issues because it has no realism at all. Like season 1, virus, bacteria, virus, curse from god? We don’t know BUT we have a test for it and you’re all positive.

    • winzentween says:

      i think it quickly get silly as u would have zombie rats and the even fleas and then its all over in a weekend so stick to humans as if its a virus then for it to mutate would be highly unusual as people forget that virus’ r ;iving creatures too and dont just transform overnight.

  37. rigelation says:

    So you’re saying that the zombie virus can turn a plant-eating deer into a carnivore? Come on, how silly is that. I think its logical that the virus could affect humans only.

  38. Dawn Hittner says:


  39. nightgaunt says:

    I’d love it and considering that the zombie virus probably came from an animal. I think it is just too hard for them to do it. Expensive. An occasional one would be nice.

  40. How many deer have you seen with AIDS? Or squirrels with the flu? Yeah, not all diseases jump from species to species.

    • Ashley Young says:

      on that note although not deer or aquirrels… monkeys can have aids and hiv and birds and pigs can get the flu lol but i do get your point

  41. i think the probability of it actually crossing is a fifty fifty,..that being said yes it could possibly happen but another reason it might not is because not only is it really expensive but think about it,…yeah it would take away from the human drama as well, would just be too much to have to deal with for the series. think about yeah they are running from a human zombie only to get bit by mr. zombie rat ten seconds later,..too many people to role over in a never ending cast and not enough time for us to truly understand any of the real characters because they were killed off too fast by the zombie animals or better yet zombie bugs..unfortunately there has to be a small limit for us to understand the plot thus the zombie animals should not be created…..just food for thought

  42. The Walking Cuban says:

    Such a simple answer.

  43. Ashlee Tac says:

    If you read the comics, they explained it. The king said the virus doesn’t affect animals.

  44. Zachery Rankin says:

    ive wondered the same thing, but also, what about zombie children, i know that little girl at the start of season 1 , and sophia in season 2 but what about some crawlers??, i mean like babies abandoned or bit crawling around the streets, who knows, maybe judith?!

  45. JasonShankel says:

    Also it’s a human virus. Same reason animals don’t get ebola.

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