Seth Gilliam Talks About Being, and Concealing, The Walking Dead's Father Gabriel

Official Father Gabriel

Here, after lots of leaked photos of The Wire alum Seth Gilliam in his priest’s collar and a quick appearance in the season five trailer, is the first “official” photo of Gilliam in the role of Father Gabriel Stokes. Gilliam will be playing the troubled priest from The Walking Dead comics, who has an important […]

Is Daryl Gay? We Won't Find Out in Season Five


The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott M. Gimple said the question of Daryl Dixon’s sexuality is “not really addressed this season,” but said the show is adding a gay male character to its cast at some point. Gimple said the fact the fact that whether Daryl is gay or straight is such an open question speaks […]

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Says Daryl May Be Gay

Beth and Daryl The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon is the redneck star of millions of female The Walking Dead fans’ romantic fantasies. Fan arguments currently rage over whether Daryl should be romantically linked to Carol or Beth. But according to The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, those arguments might be moot. In response to a fan letter in issue 130 comparing […]

Andrew Lincoln Tried to Get AMC to Air Saltier Season Four Ending Line


By now you’ve probably seen the alternate, more true to the comics version of The Walking Dead season four’s ending scene that will be on the home video release. And you probably like it better, especially if you’re a comics reader. You’re joined in that opinion by Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, who said he […]

As She Heads 'Into The Storm' Sarah Wayne Callies Says Lori Might Have Lived

Sarah Wayne Callies Into The Storm

Sarah Wayne Callies has been out promoting her new found-footage style disaster movie, in which she plays a scientist who joins a storm-chaser film crew as they hunt down deadly supertornadoes. But reporters just can’t help but ask her about her former The Walking Dead character Lori, Rick Grimes’ late love her or hate her […]

If Daryl Dies, Will You Really Quit Watching the Show? (Poll)

Daryl Dixon Gagged

  If Daryl Dies, Will You Stop Watching The Show? “If Daryl Dies We Riot” is a popular theme on message boards and Facebook pages, and people are often saying that if Daryl is killed off they’ll stop watching The Walking Dead. The subject itself often causes fan controversy, with fan arguments about whether one […]

Familiar-Looking Walkers Pay Tribute To Famous Zombie Films

Jack Walker American Werewolf in London

Here’s a quick look at one of the special features from The Walking Dead Season Four Blu-Ray, by way of IGN. In the video The Walking Dead special effects guru Greg Nicotero and team talk about the “tribute zombies,” zombies that have appeared on The Walking Dead that are references to classic zombie movies, and […]

Season Five Facts from The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd (Mild Spoilers)

Season Five Trailer

Hungry for more The Walking Dead info? The Walking Dead Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd recently dropped a few facts about the upcoming season five, some of which may surprise you. Some of these may be mild spoilers, especially if you try to avoid any knowledge of the show beforehand. But if you’ve seen the […]

Is There a Pet Tiger in Daryl Dixon's Future?

Shiva attacks a walker

Imagine Daryl Dixon, surrounded by walkers with no way out, crossbow bolts almost gone. It looks like the end for Daryl, fans across the nation get ready to riot, but Daryl doesn’t seem scared. Instead he allows himself a quick half-smile and whistles. And a giant tiger bounds into the scene. Together, they begin the […]

Norman Reedus on What Beth Means to Daryl


So the biggest war right now in The Walking Dead fandom is most likely over the potential relationship between Daryl and Beth. Just check our forums or our Facebook page for some extremely lively discussion about it. So what does Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus, have to say about it? For him, Beth represented hope for […]