Robert Kirkman Teases Season Five, Gareth's Role


The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman built an empire on high quality drama, but he propped it up by teasing fans with hints and suspense. As we wait out the agonizing six months until we find out just how The Walking Dead survivors get out of that train car, he’s already started dropping some tantalizing […]

The Walking Dead Spinoff Shambles Forward


Do you wish there was twice as much The Walking Dead? Well, in 2015 you’ll get your wish. The Hollywood Reporter says AMC has signed former Sons of Anarchy and Low Winter Sun producer and writer Dave Erickson to co-write and executive produce the spinoff. What will the series be about? That’s still a mystery, […]

The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott M. Gimple Explains the Tragedy of 'The Grove' (Spoilers)

photo (9)

Ugh. I think I’m still a little shell-shocked from The Walking Dead episode 414, “The Grove.” Those of us that read the comics had suspected that Lizzie and Mika’s story was going to parallel what happened with the twins from the comics, but I didn’t expect it to have so much impact in live-action. Anyway, the […]

Norman Reedus: It's Not About Shipping


The Daily Beast has a very candid and frank interview with Norman Reedus. It’s all good stuff, but there’s definitely one point that should stand out to the people who think The Walking Dead shipping among fans is getting out of control. Reedus agrees. “It’s crazy the amount of Internet stuff. I don’t think that […]

Emily Kinney Weighs in on Beryl, Bethyl, Deth, Whatever You Want to Call It

Beth and Daryl

Whether you hate Bethyl (and I know some of you do, I know you hate all ships and think this stuff if turning The Walking Dead into Twilight), or you love it and think it was meant to be, it sure looks like “something” is developing between Darly Dixon and Beth Greene on The Walking […]

Did Norman Reedus Really Kill a Snake Filming 'Still'?

Daryl Dixon Snake

Nah. He didn’t. The snake that Daryl stabs and then eats in The Walking Dead Episode 412 sure looked real in its death scene, but no snakes were killed on film. asked AMC directly, and their response was a terse but to the point “No.” The American Humane Society monitors the animal action on […]

The Mullet-Bearer Speaks: Josh McDermitt on Eugene (Spoilers)


Before you click over to the full article, there is one major, no kidding comic spoiler in it. Who knows if it’ll be the same in the show, but forewarned. So we’ve had a little time to get to know Eugene, man of mulleted mystery. We know he says he knows the cause of the […]

Robert Kirkman Previews New Season Four Characters

Abraham Coming to The Walking Dead

New episodes of The Walking Dead will include characters that bring some new blood to the mix, hopefully for their sake not literally. The Walking Dead Executive Producer Robert Kirkman talked to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming season and three characters from the comics that will be making their way onto the screen, the hardened […]

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Photo's of Rick's Hand Injury

The Walking Dead Spoiler

The Walking Dead, as we know, differs from the comic book that was written by Robert Kirkman, and while some things are the same, some things are different. We do know how the comic book turns out, well at least we do for a little part that deals with Rick Grimes. In the comic book, […]

First Walking Dead Season 4 Photo Released

Season 4 Photo of Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead is not wasting any time giving the fans of this incredibly popular show a taste of fourth season as the producers have released the first season 4 photo! The photo shows the lead character Rick Grimes, who is played by Andrew Lincoln, walking through the woods in front of what appears to […]