Is There a Pet Tiger in Daryl Dixon's Future?

Shiva attacks a walker

Imagine Daryl Dixon, surrounded by walkers with no way out, crossbow bolts almost gone. It looks like the end for Daryl, fans across the nation get ready to riot, but Daryl doesn’t seem scared. Instead he allows himself a quick half-smile and whistles. And a giant tiger bounds into the scene. Together, they begin the […]

Norman Reedus on What Beth Means to Daryl


So the biggest war right now in The Walking Dead fandom is most likely over the potential relationship between Daryl and Beth. Just check our forums or our Facebook page for some extremely lively discussion about it. So what does Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus, have to say about it? For him, Beth represented hope for […]

SDCC 2014: Watch The Walking Dead Season Five Panel

At The Walking Dead 2014 SDCC Panel Melissa McBride Gives Flowers to Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead cast and producers previewed season five at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Friday. We’ve already shown you the almost unbearably action-packed trailer, but here’s your chance to check out the panel where the trailer and other details about season five were revealed. A few bits of info and lots of laughs […]

SDCC 2014: The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Released

Season Five Trailer

Here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for, our first real look at season five from The Walking Dead’s Comic-Con International panel today in San Diego. The main thing to say is, wow, intense. They weren’t kidding when they said there’d be a lot of action. It looks like we won’t get to see […]

Robert Kirkman: I Wish I Had Put Daryl in The Comic

Norman Reedus and Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead creator says that on the one hand redneck zombie hunter Daryl Dixon is an element he wishes he had included in the original comics. But on the other hand he’s glad he didn’t, because Daryl that forces the show to be different and surprising. AMC asked Kirkman what show element he wished […]

The Walking Dead Comic-Con Preview


The cramped and sweaty halls of Comic-Con International in San Diego will be the center of The Walking Dead universe next week. The first and foremost focus at the San Diego Convention Center will be on the huge Hall H The Walking Dead panel, where we’ll get our first extended glimpse of season five.  The panel guests […]

Robert Kirkman Promises More Badass Rick in Season Five


You remember the old Rick. He farmed. He took more than one season to deal with the Governor. The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman promises that the residents of Terminus aren’t going to be facing that Rick. They’ll be facing the Rick that rips people’s throats out with his own teeth, and it sounds like […]

So Many Set Pics, So Many Spoilers (Spoilers)

Set Pics

FAIR WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! Seriously, not kidding. Okay, here we go. Apparently secretly filming in downtown Atlanta is a bit tough to do! The Walking Dead production has moved there and it opened a floodgate of set pics. First, and most spoilery, this pic from Just Jared confirms Daryl and Carol are obviously […]

Season Five Promo Promises More Action


In advance of its upcoming “Dead, White and Blue” marathon, AMC has released a “Greetings From the Set” promo video to hype The Walking Deaad season five. It’s nice to see the cast out of that traincar and getting some fresh air. Though no details of the first season five episode are spoiled, the cast […]

Greg Nicotero's Saturn Awards Speech Has More Action Than Some Whole Shows

Greg Nicotero Makeup

Is this the best filmed award acceptance speech of all time?  If you’re a The Walking Dead fan waiting for season five, it sure might seem like it. The acceptance speech starts with a little Daryl, Rick, and Abraham action, as they liberate The Walking Dead special effects guru/director/producer Greg Nicotero’s Saturn Award from some […]