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The Walking Dead Spoilers: Photo’s of Rick’s Hand Injury

by on 06/19/2013

Rick's Hand Injury

The Walking Dead, as we know, differs from the comic book that was written by Robert Kirkman, and while some things are the same, some things are different. We do know how the comic book turns out, well at least we do for a little part that deals with Rick Grimes.

In the comic book, Rick actually loses his hand to The Governor. That is one part of the comic that deals with Rick in which fans have wondered would happen in the television series.

Rick's Hand InjuryTWD Enthusiasts have a few photo’s of what appears to be Rick’s hand bandaged up, and what we don’t know is if this is just an injury that happened on the set, or something larger in store for season 4. We really do not know, and we can only take a few guesses as to what the bandages are for.

Could it be that Andrew Lincoln simply hurt himself while filming for season 4? Could it be that this is actually a part of the comic book that is coming to life on the screen? Your guess is as good as ours. If I had to guess, I am leaning towards the fact that he simply hurt himself.

Either way, we will just have to wait for more information, or simply wait till season 4 of The Walking Dead. Season 4 begins again in October of this year, which is only a few months away.


Rick’s Hand Injury – Comic Book

Rick's Hand Injury from Comic Book

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