Can Z Nation Compete in a The Walking Dead World?

Z Nation

Here’s the first trailer for Syfy Channel’s Z Nation, a new 13-episode zombie drama that will start airing Sept. 12.  Can it stack up to The Walking Dead? Well, let’s look at the evidence. The series is coming to you from The Asylum, the makers of micro-budget, intentionally bad cheapies like Sharknado 2. The effects […]

Watch a Brutal, NSFW Deleted Scene From Season Four

Too Far Gone Deleted Scene

Considering that AMC wouldn’t air the f-word, even bleeped, as part of Rick’s season four-closing line, it’s not surprising they cut this scene from the season four episode “Too Far Gone” featuring Hershel, Michonne, Mitch and a surprise guest appearance I won’t spoil. It does, after all, feature a graphic discussion of an unnatural sex […]

Poll: Do You Let Your Kids Watch The Walking Dead?

Mika Menaced

  Do you let your kids watch The Walking Dead? The Walking Dead is a popular show that comes on at 9 p.m. That’s still solidly in family TV time for many people. It’s also available on Netflix and on home video, so there are many opportunities for the younger set to come in contact […]

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Says Daryl May Be Gay

Beth and Daryl The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon is the redneck star of millions of female The Walking Dead fans’ romantic fantasies. Fan arguments currently rage over whether Daryl should be romantically linked to Carol or Beth. But according to The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, those arguments might be moot. In response to a fan letter in issue 130 comparing […]

Andrew Lincoln Tried to Get AMC to Air Saltier Season Four Ending Line


By now you’ve probably seen the alternate, more true to the comics version of The Walking Dead season four’s ending scene that will be on the home video release. And you probably like it better, especially if you’re a comics reader. You’re joined in that opinion by Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, who said he […]

The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer Gets a LEGO Makeover

Season Five Trailer in LEGO

Still drooling from anticipation from the season five trailer? Here’s a nearly shot-for-shot remake redone with custom LEGO. Even the hipster walker is in there. It’s not quite as scary as the original trailer, but what it lacks in fright it makes up for with cuteness. The trailer was animated using stop-motion by kristo499, whose channel […]

CON TV To Launch With Zombies


CON TV – the new digital network designed to provide programming for fans of various Comic Con-like conventions around the country – will be launching later this year with “Fight of the Living Dead” where a smattering of nine YouTube stars see if they can navigate the first 24 hours of a post-zombie apocalyptic world. […]

As She Heads 'Into The Storm' Sarah Wayne Callies Says Lori Might Have Lived

Sarah Wayne Callies Into The Storm

Sarah Wayne Callies has been out promoting her new found-footage style disaster movie, in which she plays a scientist who joins a storm-chaser film crew as they hunt down deadly supertornadoes. But reporters just can’t help but ask her about her former The Walking Dead character Lori, Rick Grimes’ late love her or hate her […]

iZombie Adds Replacement Cast Member


The upcoming zombie-themed comic book-based television series on the CW, “iZombie”, has added Aly Michalka [“Two and a Half Men”] to play the role of Peyton Charles – the best friend of zombified medical student Olivia Moore [played by Rose McIvor]. Michalka replaces Alexandra Krosney [pictured above in the pilot episode], who was in the […]

They Aren't 'Screwing' With the Wrong People Any More


If you thought Rick’s hardboiled line at the end of The Walking Dead season four finale was slightly undercut by TV censorship, then you’ll be pleased by this take on it. This has been popping up around the internet and appears to be ripped from the the upcoming season four Blu-Ray. It was revealed at […]