The Survivors Prepare For Battle in The Walking Dead 507 'Crossed' (Preview Video and Pics)

Rick Grimes

It’s obvious at this point that the mid-season finale seems to heading toward a confrontation between Rick’s group and the perverted cops at Grady Memorial Hospital. And probably a terrible tragedy, because that’s what The Walking Dead does. But the gang has to prepare first, and that looks like what’s happening in these previews. The […]

Get Ready For Heartbreak in The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Finale


The Walking Dead is never tea and roses, but it sounds like the Nov. 30 mid-season finale, “Coda,” might be especially sad. In a new TV Guide interview Norman posted on his Facebook page, Norman Reedus hints at a tragedy that had him crying even before filming. “I sat on an apple box with my […]

Funny Or Die's New Recap Show The Walking Fred Offers a Walker's Take on 'Consumed'

Walking Fred

The Walking Fred S5 EP 6 Recap: Consumed from thewalkingfred Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick is a nice enough guy, sure, but he’s all warm and alive and stuff. Just look at the sparkle in his eye. You can’t count on him to give you an authentic walker perspective. That’s where new Funny or Die […]

What Would Have Really Happened During Daryl and Carol's Magic Van Ride


Consumed was an excellent, suspenseful, melancholy hour of television. But there was one moment that required suspension of disbelief that almost took some fans out of it. And it wasn’t the part where the dead rise and walk around. What set heads shaking and tongues wagging on our forums and elsewhere was Daryl and Carol’s […]

The Walking Dead Consumes NFL Again


For the fourth time this year – and third time in the last four weeks – ratings for an episode of “The Walking Dead” have beaten the NFL game that has aired on the same night. This time, the sixth episode [“Consumed”] beat another NFL blowout [Patriots over Colts] – garnering a preliminary 7.3 rating […]

Robert Kirkman Teases 'Deadly' Mid-Season Finale ('Consumed' Spoilers)

Rick Shoots

Uh oh. The Walking Dead Creator and Robert Kirkman is teasing a “deadly” mid-season finale for Nov. 30. Considering they’re both in precarious positions, that should be enough to make Beth and Carol fans very, very nervous. It was clear from the ending of last night’s episode “Consumed” that the two episodes remaining in the […]

The Walking Dead Episode 506 'Consumed' Recap and Poll


  Rate The Walking Dead Episode 505 ‘Consumed’ If there’s one thing that’s come to define Carol Peletier’s life, it’s fire. She linked herself inextricably with it when, doing what she thought she had to do to survive, she burned Karen and David at the prison. And fire has followed her ever since, punctuating the […]

Maggie Has Not Forgotten About Beth, Robert Kirkman Says


So you’ve noticed Maggie, let’s put it charitably, doesn’t seem overly concerned about the whereabouts of Beth. And The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman has noticed you’ve noticed. Don’t worry, he says, they’ll get to it. “It’s definitely something that will be explored,” Kirkman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Maggie is aware that her sister is […]

Will Carol and Daryl Find Beth in The Walking Dead 506 'Consumed'?


In this Sunday’s new episode “Consumed,” The Walking Dead continues to follow members who have split off from the main group, picking up with Carol and Daryl chasing a mysterious car with a white cross on it like the one that took Beth. We know that the cars belong to cops from Atlanta’s Grady Memorial […]

Fans Flock to Visit The Walking Dead Locations


Do you love The Walking Dead so much that sometimes you wish you could be there? Not the being killed by walkers part, of course, but experiencing the locations the show takes place in for yourself, feeling the Georgia heat on your back. You’re not alone. According to CNN The Walking Dead has created its […]