Second TWD Spinoff Announced: Zombies On A Plane

zombies on a plane

Ha ha, you fell for it, didn’t you? I can’t believe you took me seriously. “Zombies On A Plane.” How could you believe that? …..Actually, I wasn’t joking. The news was broken this morning by Entertainment Weekly. Just so you don’t start hyperventilating into a paper bag, it’s not entirely what you think. It’s a […]

Fear The Walking Dead Series Premiere Recap

fear the walking dead

A young man, looking out of sorts, slowly rises from bed in a broken-down dark ex-church that now serves as a hideout for drug users and gang members. The place already looks enough like a haunted house as it is, and the clientele it entertains doesn’t help. A different character takes a trip here later […]

Fear The Walking Dead Premieres To Record Ratings

fear the walking dead

Given how Fear The Walking Dead deliberately deviated from the popular show it spun off from, in both tone and setting, no one really knew how the new series would do with the general public. The numbers are in and we know the answer: it cleaned up. Fear The Walking Dead pulled in 10.1 million […]

New Walking Dead Season Six Promo


If you were watching the Fear The Walking Dead premiere last Sunday (and a lot of people were, see the next post), you got to see the latest promotional ad for The Walking Dead Season Six. No new clips, but a lot of shadows. In fact “Shadows” is the fitting name of the trailer, which […]

FTWD Snags Record Ratings For Debut

Cliff Curtis as Travis  and Kim Dickens as Madison - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Justin Lubin/AMC

“Fear the Walking Dead” – the companion/spinoff series of “The Walking Dead” which debuted last night – put up some impressive ratings numbers for its series debut, snagging 10.1 million total viewers, of which fully 6.3 million fell into the desirable 18-49 demographic. Both of those numbers are the highest-ever for a show’s debut in […]

Watch Fear The Walking Dead's Opening Sequence

fear the walking dead

Fear The Walking Dead starts on AMC in just a few days, with a 90-minute season opener (as is the custom). To spike up interest, AMC has released the first three minutes of the series on their Facebook page. And you’ll never guess how it begins! WITH THE CRAZY GUY RUNNING AROUND IN HIS UNDERWEAR! […]

New Walking Dead Season 6 Images

walking dead season 6

Fear The Walking Dead is very close to premiering, but if it’s the new misadventures of Rick and Daryl you’re looking for, you’ll have to wait until October. Fortunately AMC has provided us with these screens of The Walking Dead Season 6 to tide you all over. “Hey! What are you lookin’ at? Am I […]

Limited Edition Of Walking Dead Season 5 Blu-Ray Announced

walkng dead season 5

In the past, there has usually been a Limited Edition of the latest Walking Dead season set released a few months after the regular set comes out. These include the same on-disc content, but the bonus of a collectible figurine from Mcfarlane Toys depicting a memorable moment from the season. In this case, the figure […]

The Walking Dead Goes Mobile With No Man's Land

no man's land

A new trailer has been released for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, a new mobile game from Next Games based on the TV series. Before the few of you who get excited over such things start jumping for joy, you might want to take a peek at what this game looks like…. Since this […]

Another Bonus Feature From The Walking Dead Season 5 DVD Set

the walking dead season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5 isn’t due on Blu-Ray or DVD for another two weeks, but here’s yet another bonus from the set, leaked out for free on the company’s YouTube channel. If they keep this up, what are we supposed to get in this set that we haven’t already gotten online? This bonus feature […]