Daryl and Carol Together Again in New Season Five Trailer


    Beth who? Oh yeah, it’s the silver fox and the old squirrel hunter, ready to kick some serious butt in a new trailer shared by The Daily Beast. This trailer clearly depicts a shootout in Terminus. You can see train cars in the background. Now, how much of this is actually a thing […]

Synopsis Provides Clues to Season Five (No Major Spoilers)

The Walking Dead Season Five

  This synopsis of season five appeared on The Walking Dead page for Fox International Channels. It’s mostly marketing hype, but it does confirm the basic outline for season five that seemed apparent from the trailers and other materials we’ve seen so far. We find out what the real deal is with Terminus and the […]

The Walking Dead is Getting a Real Pinball Machine

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Nope, this is not another virtual table or computer game. This is a real-life “if you shake it too hard it will tilt” pinball table coming to arcades and people with deep pockets. The Stern Pinball The Walking Dead table is based on the show and features graphics and pinball features depicting Rick Grimes and […]

Creator Robert Kirkman Says He's Already Decided How The Walking Dead Will End

Robert Kirkman

Hopefully, both The Walking Dead Comic and show will run for a good long time, but creator Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly he knows what the last page, and presumably if the show manages to adapt all of the comic the last shot of the show, will be. “I think (I thought of it) about […]

Glenn is In a Lot of Trouble in New The Walking Dead Trailer

Glenn vs. Bat

After teasing us mercilessly for a while with short teaser trailers, AMC has finally released another meaty preview of The Walking Dead season five. Let’s get to the most shocking part of the clip first. Yes, this trailer clearly shows that is a baseball bat behind Glenn in one scene, and it looks like he’s […]

Oregon Lottery Scratches The Walking Dead


The Oregon state lottery has teamed up with AMC to produce “The Walking Dead”-themed scratch-it lottery tickets for its game beginning this month. Players of the state’s lottery have their choices of two “Walking Dead” images on their Scratch-it tickets. Playes have a chance to win $13,000 on either of “The Walking Dead” Scratch-it tickets […]

The Walking Dead Companion Series Gets Green Light From AMC


The companion series to “The Walking Dead” has officially been given the green light as a pilot episode that is the precursor to an expected full-fledged series. The companion series is expected to address the zombie apocalypse in other parts of the world. Producers from the current program – Robert Kirkman, Gale Ann Hurd and […]

AMC Opens The Walking Dead Season Five Promo Pic Floodgates


You want season five promo pics? Here are season five promo pics. Instead of slowly leaking promo pics out, AMC appears to have taken a shotgun approach in the last few days, jamming major media outlets like Entertainment Weekly, People, Huffington Post, IGN, The Wrap, Yahoo, The Hollywood Reporter and others with these shots. These […]

Abraham Prepares For Termite Invasion In Season Five Photo


In a Season Five photo released exclusively to “The Hollywood Reporter”, Abraham appears to be preparing to exchange pleasantries with the Termites… Source: Hollywood Reporter

'You Are Not Safe' In This New The Walking Dead Promo

"You're Not Safe" Trailer

This new trailer for season five of The Walking Dead makes it appear that the most dangerous thing in the new season starting Oct. 12 isn’t Terminus, and it certainly isn’t walkers. It’s Rick. That falls well in line with Andrew Lincoln’s recent promises about a more brutal and adult season. Here’s Rick’s voiceover for […]