Norman Reedus Says Daryl Shouldn't Die, He Should Just Fade Away

Daryl Dixon Gagged

Not sure what I was expecting from Entertainment Weekly’s big The Walking Dead blowout today, but a morbid article with The Walking Dead cast talking about how they’d like their characters to die wasn’t it. Fortunately, some of them are funny and insightful, so it doesn’t get too depressing. Let’s get started with the one that […]

Seth Gilliam Talks About Being, and Concealing, The Walking Dead's Father Gabriel

Official Father Gabriel

Here, after lots of leaked photos of The Wire alum Seth Gilliam in his priest’s collar and a quick appearance in the season five trailer, is the first “official” photo of Gilliam in the role of Father Gabriel Stokes. Gilliam will be playing the troubled priest from The Walking Dead comics, who has an important […]

Is Daryl Gay? We Won't Find Out in Season Five


The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott M. Gimple said the question of Daryl Dixon’s sexuality is “not really addressed this season,” but said the show is adding a gay male character to its cast at some point. Gimple said the fact the fact that whether Daryl is gay or straight is such an open question speaks […]

Walking Dead Season 4 Available On DVD


Season Four of “The Walking Dead” is now officially available on DVD. The 16-episode, five-disc set will also have the usual extras including behind-the-scenes production footage, deleted scenes and audio commentary. Todd McFarlane’s McFarlane Toys will also contribute a replica of the “Tree Walker” to a Limited Edition Blu-ray version. Season Four of “The Walking […]

The Strain Episode Seven 'For Services Rendered' Airs Sunday on FX

The Strain Eichorst

FX’s vampire thriller The Strain keeps getting grimmer and more intense. It has been interesting to see how adding actors into the story told in famed horror director Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Blade II) and writer Chuck Hogan’s 2009 novel brings these characters to life and shifts the television series into being its own unique […]

Be Teased by This Ten Second Teaser For The Season Five Premiere

Season Five Rick

This ultra-short video is just a dirty, dirty tease. But it’s still something you on the hook while you wait out the 52 days until the start of season five. So what do we see in this quick arrangement of scenes? Nothing that looks very good for our survivors.  It includes: People in gas masks […]

Can Z Nation Compete in a The Walking Dead World?

Z Nation

Here’s the first trailer for Syfy Channel’s Z Nation, a new 13-episode zombie drama that will start airing Sept. 12.  Can it stack up to The Walking Dead? Well, let’s look at the evidence. The series is coming to you from The Asylum, the makers of micro-budget, intentionally bad cheapies like Sharknado 2. The effects […]

Watch a Brutal, NSFW Deleted Scene From Season Four

Too Far Gone Deleted Scene

Considering that AMC wouldn’t air the f-word, even bleeped, as part of Rick’s season four-closing line, it’s not surprising they cut this scene from the season four episode “Too Far Gone” featuring Hershel, Michonne, Mitch and a surprise guest appearance I won’t spoil. It does, after all, feature a graphic discussion of an unnatural sex […]

Poll: Do You Let Your Kids Watch The Walking Dead?

Mika Menaced

  Do you let your kids watch The Walking Dead? The Walking Dead is a popular show that comes on at 9 p.m. That’s still solidly in family TV time for many people. It’s also available on Netflix and on home video, so there are many opportunities for the younger set to come in contact […]

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Says Daryl May Be Gay

Beth and Daryl The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon is the redneck star of millions of female The Walking Dead fans’ romantic fantasies. Fan arguments currently rage over whether Daryl should be romantically linked to Carol or Beth. But according to The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, those arguments might be moot. In response to a fan letter in issue 130 comparing […]