The Walking Dead Gives AMC Big Money Boost In 2014


AMC Networks issued a pleasant financial report this week that even surpassed Wall Street’s lofty expectations and it was primarily due to the success of its signature series “The Walking Dead”. AMC Networks announced that they made a profit of $77.6 million in the final quarter of 2014 – more than the $71.1 million that […]

Season Five Finale Will Reportedly Be 90 Minutes


Doesn’t it seem like The Walking Dead Episodes just fly by? AMC appears to have listened to complaints they seem too short, beefing up the season finale to 90 minutes. This news comes from a tweet by Entertainment Weekly writer Dalton Ross. #TheWalkingDead season finale on March 29 now super-sized to 90 minutes. — Dalton […]

Walking Dead Ratings Improve Against Dismal Oscars Audience


Conventional wisdom would have told you that The Walking Dead, which fell heavily against an SNL 40th Anniversary Special the previous Sunday, would have had a tough time in the ratings against the Academy Awards. But conventional wisdom wouldn’t have been able to guess that this would be the least-viewed Oscar telecast since 2009, which […]

Ross Marquand on One of 'The Distance's' Most Talked About Scenes (SPOILERS)


The Walking Dead delivered a powerful, intense episode last night with “The Distance,” putting our survivors on a more hopeful path after many episodes of darkness and misery. Central to this change is new character Aaron, played by Ross Marquand, and his lover Eric, played by Jordan Woods-Robinson. The show’s first prominent gay male pair, […]

The Walking Dead 'The Distance' Recap and Rating Poll


  Rate The Walking Dead Episode 511 ‘The Distance’ Our The Walking Dead crew has suffered tragedy piled on tragedy since the fall of the prison. At the end of last episode mysterious new character Aaron promised “good news.” Can he deliver, or is just another grim disappointment in the offing? We pick up with […]

Previews and Sneak Peaks Roundup for Episode 511 'The Distance'


The previews might get a little more spoilery this week, although if you’re not a comics reader you probably won’t know what’s going on. And if you are a comics reader you’re already spoiled. So away we go! First up is a quick scene of Rick being distrustful of Aaron. Click here for a more […]

The Walking Dead Ratings Down Against SNL Special


Look, let’s face it, “Them” boiled down to 43 minutes of people stumbling around and crying. That doesn’t mean it was a bad show, but it’s understandable that people might look for more light-hearted fare. And look they did, with The Walking Dead getting walloped in the ratings by the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary […]

Gale Anne Hurd Says Walking Dead Spinoff Pilot Finished, Not Yet Picked Up

Gale Anne Hurd

The Walking Dead Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd recently said the pilot episode of The Walking Dead spinoff, codenamed “Cobalt” and rumored to be titled “Fear the Walking Dead,” is now complete. Speaking at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film & Television as part of its Hollywood Masters interview series, Hurd said the pilot was […]

Chad L. Coleman Talks About the Death of Tyreese and His Next Show


The recently and dearly departed Tyreese, Chad L. Coleman, popped into Reddit yesterday for an AMA (Ask Me Anything), where he answered fan questions about The Walking Dead, himself and more. First things first, yes, he kept the hammer, but it’s made of plastic. Coleman admitted during the AMA he was shocked when he was […]

What Was Up With the Ending of 'Them?' (SPOILERS)


Be warned, this article is for people who want spoilers. If you don’t want spoilers, back out now. After a grueling episode where the gang almost died of thirst and hunger and got as grungy as we’ve ever seen them, it was very surprising to see a strangely clean new face at the end. The […]