George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Coming To Life


George Romero’s 15-issue graphic novel published by Marvel Comics entitled “Empire of the Dead” is slated to get a possible television series. No further announcement was made as to which network would televise the adaptation – where the “Empire of the Dead” is populated by a vampire/zombie mix – or what year it would air […]

Twin Peaks Is Returning -- Again


The original Twin Peaks from 1990 was a groundbreaking show in TV history, and just about every drama written for people smarter than a soccer mom owes something to it, even if network interference poisoned the well midseries and drove it into an early cancellation. It’s led to many imitators and an an endless parade […]

Mercedes Mason Joins Fear The Walking Dead Cast


According to Entertainment Weekly, an actress named Mercedes Mason has been added to the cast list for Fear The Walking Dead, AMC’s upcoming spinoff. Who is Mercedes Mason? IMDB tells us she was born in Sweden (the actual, non-stage spelling of her last name is “Masöhn”) and started as a model before branching into acting. […]

New Walking Dead Action Figure Available - Morgan Jones


The current season may be over but that does not mean the fun is – because a new action figure has emerged for “The Walking Dead” television series. Specifically, Morgan Jones and one of his zombie traps from Season Three. From McFarlane Toys, the set comes with an action figure Morgan, his trap and a […]

AMC Panel: Andrew Lincoln Wants To Be Herschel, Kirkman Axed Zombie

Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus

At an AMC panel screening for “The Walking Dead”’s Season Five finale held at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday, actor Andrew Lincoln [who plays Rick Grimes on the series] was regaled as the cast and crew’s mostest favoritest person ever, Lincoln said if he the show’s creators ever intend to kill his character […]

Wes Craven's New Nightmares


Earlier Walking Dead Forums (and most other news outlets) reported Wes Craven was in the process of adapting his mid-90’s horror satire Scream into a TV series. Turns out he has more on his plate than just that. Entertainment Weekly is reporting Craven wants to make two MORE series at the same time, and is […]

Walking Dead Cast and Creators Talk Season Six


It’s never too early to start thinking about the next season. AMC has released the first of what will likely be many speculative promotional videos relating to season six of The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Alanna Masterson and executive producers Scott M. Gimple and Gale Anne Hurd all make appearances. The actors say […]

Robert Kirkman Talks Season Six


“The Walking Dead” creator, Robert Kirkman, talked some about Season Six of the popular series at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas this week…

First Trailer For MTV's Scream


Did you know MTV is making a TV series out of the Scream movies? You do now. The once music-centric network released their first trailer for the show today: Before you fear the worst, be aware Wes Craven IS involved and will do his best to make the show as faithful as possible. The question […]

The Walking Dead Ratings Hit Season High With Finale


The final numbers are in and with their Season Five finale, “The Walking Dead” hit their season high for ratings with 15.8 million viewers. That number was much farther away from the series’ all-time high of 17.3 million in the Season Five debut but did squeeze past last year’s finale, which had 15.7 million. Overall, […]