More Walkers From The Upcoming Walking Dead Season

greg nicotero

Here are some more candid snapshots of the Walkers Rick and his group of survivors will be running into this fall on season 6 of The Walking Dead. Again, they come from AMC and Greg Nicotero, who has promised more Walkers in the season premiere than in any previous episode. And he’s on a creative […]

Fear The Walking Dead Will Be At Least 21 Episodes Long

fear the walking dead screens

AMC announced at the TCAs that Fear The Walking Dead had been renewed for a second season. Of course we already knew that; I guess they just wanted to make sure we heard. Did they reveal anything we didn’t know? Actually, yes: they mentioned how many episodes the second season would have. Fear The Walking […]

The Walking Dead Return To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights


Look who’s returning to Universal Studios….the Walkers of the Walking Dead! Halloween Horror Nights will once again be promoting the series through a zombie-packed perilous maze, and this time, they’ve been updated: yes, they have “W” marks on their foreheads. This new maze is subtitled “Wolves Not Far.” The maze will also recreate key scenes […]

New Characters Will Appear In Walking Dead Season 6

walking dead season 6

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly is all about The Walking Dead Season 6. Among other tidbits, the magazine (and the website) have revealed the new characters that fans will be meeting next October, some coming from the comics, others weird amalgamations of characters in the comics. Like Dr. Denise Cloyd here. She appeared in […]

Take A Free Look At A Season 5 DVD Bonus Feature

season 5 dvd

Anchor Bay Entertainment has released another sneak peek at the upcoming Walking Dead Season 5 DVD and Blu-Ray set. This time it’s not a deleted scene you get to see, but a short featurette. Called “Noah’s Journey,” the featurette mainly concerns itself with the cliffhanger where Noah and Glenn are trapped in a set of […]

Robert Kirkman Seems To Like Fear The Walking Dead

robert kirkman

I suppose it’s no surprise since he had a hand in its development, but Robert Kirkman expressed his personal approval — and appreciation — for the new spinoff Fear The Walking Dead in a press release sent out over the weekend. “Now we get to introduce you to Madison, Travis, Alicia, Nick, Liza, Chris, Daniel, […]

Naomi Campbell Checks Into American Horror Story: Hotel


Actress/model Naomi Campbell has become the latest celebrity to check into FX’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” television series for Season Five. The plan is for Campbell to play an overly critical fashion editor who gets her critiquing comeuppance and be paired with Lady Gaga in a multi-episode arc. “American Horror Story: Hotel” is currently scheduled […]

A Deleted Scene From The Walking Dead Season 5

walking dead season 5

As a promotional maneuver for the upcoming release of The Walking Dead Season 5 on Blu-Ray and DVD, AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment have released this short deleted scene from the episode “Forget,” which was the thirteenth that ran that year. THE WALKING DEAD: The Complete Fifth Season — Deleted Scene: Ep. 5.13 “Forget” Scene […]

More Fear The Walking Dead Screengrabs For You

fear the walking dead

AMC’s Walking Dead spinoff Fear The Walking Dead now launches in a month’s time. We’re getting more images and press materials released by the day. There are nine this time. This is Travis; he drives a pickup. If your name is “Travis” you more than likely drive a pickup. This is Travis’s wife, Madison. “Madison” […]

Robert Kirkman Has A Plan For The Walking Dead's Ending

Robert Kirkman

Speaking with Marc Maron on his WTF Podcast, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman revealed that he does have an end goal in mind for his very long running series, whenever that happens. “It’s a very popular show, and they seem to want it to go for 50 seasons. And it may go for 50 […]