Robert Kirkman: "No One Is Safe" On The Walking Dead


In this recently uploaded video from CNN, Robert Kirkman reminds us that death is a way of life in the zombie apocalypse. We thought it’d be a good watch considering the controversy surrounding you know what with you know who. Kirkman said although he and his collaborators killed off characters just because they got tired […]

Emily Kinney Admits Beth Made a Big 'Mistake'


The one thing that has bugged us about Beth’s death in the weeks since the mid-season finale is easy to name. It didn’t make any damn sense. Beth’s decision to attack a woman with a gun with her tiny pair of scissors seems like a sudden lunatic impulse. It upset some fans so much that […]

The Walking Dead Most Tweeted Show In 2014


With only a few weeks left in the year, the Nielson Twitter TV Ratings announced their Top 10 most-tweeted television shows for 2014 and “The Walking Dead” took home the top prize as the most-tweeted television show for the year, beating out “The Bachelor” for the top spot with “Pretty Little Liars” claiming the final […]

Report Says The Walking Dead Companion Series Will Be Set in L.A.


Those of you hoping to see how walkers would deal with a cold climate or how the ZA went down in other countries can keep hoping if a new report from TVLine is accurate. According to the report, the companion series will be set in good old Los Angeles, California. TVLine wasn’t sure if this […]

Garbage 'Satire' Website Spreads False Story That Beth Will Be Back


Here’s a heads up for those that might not know. National Report is not a real news site. It’s trash, a bottom-feeding “satire” website where the MO is to find something that might scare people or rile people up and then write a story saying that will happen with none of the subtle absurdities that […]

AMC Teases Huge Changes For Second Half of Season Five

Rick Shoots

You still have nearly two months to wait before you can see the episodes for yourself, but AMC has released a new video teasing the big changes that will happen in the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead’s fifth season. There are no big spoilers in the video as the cast and crew dance […]

Golden Globes Snub The Walking Dead


Nope. None. Sorry. No Golden Globe nominations for you. It may be the hottest show on television, and it may keep you glued to your seats Sunday nights with heartbreaking drama and incredible action sequences, but that’s not enough to impress the Golden Globes’ Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Deadline reports The Walking Dead was one […]

Norman Reedus Says He Misses The Walking Dead, Too


Already going through The Walking Dead withdrawals as we wait until The Walking Dead returns Feb. 8? Norman Reedus says he understands how you feel. Reedus responded with an “I do too” when an interviewer for Access Hollywood told him fans miss the show when it’s not on. Reedus also told Access that after working […]

Bring Beth Back Petition Creator Says Beth Deserved Better


It seems unlikely that Beth Greene could have survived the close-range shot she took to the the head in The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, “Coda.” However, many fans were so upset with the abrupt and seemingly pointless nature of the death that they’re asking the show’s creators to undo it, anyway. A petition to “Bring […]

Cliff Curtis Cast as Male Lead in The Walking Dead Companion Series Pilot


Cliff Curtis, who you might remember for playing Pablo Escobar in Blow, Smiley in Training Day, Agent Dax Miller in Missing or Javier Acosta in Gang Related, has been cast as the male lead for AMC’s new The Walking Dead Companion series pilot. New Zealander Curtis often plays tough or dangerous characters, but in the […]