Norman Reedus Debunks Rumor He 'Begged' Producers to Not Make Daryl Gay


Norman Reedus wants you to know he is not afraid of the possibility that Daryl Dixon might be gay, and he has not begged The Walking Dead’s producers to avoid that storyline. Site the Inquisitor, citing what they say is a report in the “highly esteemed’ Globe Magazine (I hope that’s sarcasm, Globe is bottom-feeding […]

The Walking Dead Pool Season Five Round Two! Who Dies Next? (Spoilers)


  Which The Walking Dead Character Will Die Next in Season Five? And so, we have our first casualty of the season, leaving a hole in our cast of survivors. We were hoping Bob would pull through, but we had to admit it it didn’t look good. At least it led to a powerful adaptation […]

Even Andrew J. West Was Shocked by What Happened to Gareth (Spoilers)


As Rick promised, Gareth met his bloody end at the edge of a machete with a red handle Sunday night, after a storyline that only lasted four episodes. Actor Andrew J. West said he was surprised at how quickly things wrapped up. “It’s pretty shocking! There were a bunch of surprises. It was a one-episode […]

Poll: Your Favorite Scene From 'Four Walls and a Roof?'


  Favorite Scene “From Four Walls and a Roof?” Last night’s The Walking Dead was packed with drama and emotion as the saga of Terminus finally comes to a bitter, bloody end. There were so many moments of cool and bravura acting performances, especially from Lawrence Gilliard, Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Seth Gilliam, that […]

The Walking Dead Episode 503 'Four Walls and a Roof'


  How would You Rate “Four Walls and a Roof?” Poor Bob. All I’ve got to say about the last episode. So let’s get to the recap, shall we? This episode starts with scenes of walkers screaming intercut with scenes of flesh eating. For once it’s not the walkers doing the munching, though, they’re just […]

Adam Davidson Will Direct Walking Dead Spinoff Pilot Episode


Academy Award-winning director Adam Davidson has been selected to direct the pilot episode of “The Walking Dead” spinoff series that will begin filming later this year and is expected to debut in 2015. The spinoff’s plot premise will have it with the same zombie apocalypse setting as the current show but in a different location. […]

Robert Kirkman Says The Walking Dead is Not, Repeat, is Not Just Rick's Coma Dream


  Did you really need this one clarified? Anyway, here you go. Responding to an article on Uproxx, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has officially quashed the fan theory that the entirety of The Walking Dead is just Rick Grimes dreaming in his coma. “Rick is NOT still in a coma. The events of […]

The Walking Dead Episode 503 'Four Walls and a Roof' Preview Clip, Pics and Hints at a Shocking Scene


At the end of the last episode of The Walking Dead, “Strangers,” Bob is missing and in a really, really bad place. Carol and Daryl just high-tailed it to God knows where to look for Beth. These events probably, in fairness, have nothing to do with Father Gabriel. But you can understand why Sasha might […]

The Walking Dead's Second Fifth Season Episode Cooks Up Tasty Ratings Numbers

Father Gabriel Menaced by Walkers

As expected, ratings for The Walking Dead’s second fifth-season episode “Strangers” were down from the premiere, but the show still drew huge numbers and posted its third strongest ratings ever. According to Deadline, “Strangers” drew 15.143 million total viewers and 9.796 million adults 18-49. That’s a bit down from the 17.3 million total viewers and […]

The Walking Dead Visit Universal Studios In Hollywood And Florida On Halloween


To promote their Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios has employed some of the actors and actresses playing the zombies on “The Walking Dead” to pay a visit to their locations in Orlando and Hollywood on Halloween night…