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AMC Releases New Trailer For Second Half of Season Five

by on 01/09/2015

This new trailer for The Walking Dead’s return Feb. 8 doesn’t seem to show any footage from an episode, but it does a perfect job of capturing the feel of the show.

In the trailer got a dreamlike slow-motion walk through a foggy forest with a voiceover from Rick talking about how surviving together is all that matters. The cast seems to be startled by some threat and shoot the hell out of it, also in slow motion.

Then they briefly seem to feel shame or remorse about what they did before moving on.

So it’s the emotional arc of every The Walking Dead story in miniature. Wariness/threat to survival/dealing with threat as brutally as necessary/did we go too far and lose part of our humanity dealing with threat?/moving on because that’s what you have to do.

It’s really more like an art-house film or an experimental music video than your average commercial. But, shoot, we were pumped for Feb. 8 anyway, and any reminder of how cool the cast looks gets us even more excited.

And we know that AMC has an annoying habit of blocking trailers outside of the US, so we’ve found a non-US friendly link here.

We’ve also got a fun forum thread going about the new trailer here.

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