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Daryl Is In Serious Trouble in Season Five

by on 07/15/2014

Daryl Dixon Gagged

This The Walking Dead season five image released by Entertainment Weekly shows everyone’s favorite redneck zombie hunter beaten, bound and gagged.

No hints as to by whom, although the Terminus termites are a pretty good guess, but seeing it should fill Daryl Dixon fans with both joyous anticipation and sick worry until October. Is Daryl’s death and a riot on our hands? Or is this something Daryl will easily bust out of on his way to kicking more zombie and human ass.

My money’s on the latter, it’s not likely a teaser image such as this will contain a major spoiler.

We also have for you two other photos found by a member of our forum that appear to be from season five, showing Rick and Carol and Judith. You can clearly see in the Carol and Judith pic the new baby that is playing Judith. It’s a pretty good match but she looks a bit younger.



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