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Find Out What Lies Behind Alexandria’s Walls in The Walking Dead 512 “Remember” Promos

by on 02/27/2015

So our gang has finally found what might promise to be a safe place, Alexandria. After living out in the grungy woods, killing and fighting and biting people’s throats out and feeding babies acorns for so long, can they adapt?

Promos so far seem to show it might be tough. In the sneak peak above a cleaned-up Carl still deals with a noise behind a door with a knife in his hand. Our guess is it will be something harmless when he opens it. We’ve found an international version of that preview here.

The next preview gives us some idea of how Alexandria works. They don’t allow weapons and they have clearly defined protocols and a leader of sorts named Deanna.

Here’s a commercial showing how nice Alexandria looks with a voiceover of Rick expressing skepticism.

And finally, here’s the New Zealand promo, only slightly different this time. The show debuts at 9 p.m. Sunday on AMC.

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