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More Fear The Walking Dead Screengrabs For You

by on 07/22/2015

AMC’s Walking Dead spinoff Fear The Walking Dead now launches in a month’s time. We’re getting more images and press materials released by the day. There are nine this time.


This is Travis; he drives a pickup. If your name is “Travis” you more than likely drive a pickup.


This is Travis’s wife, Madison. “Madison” wasn’t considered a name, especially for women, until Ron Howard’s “Splash” came out in 1984, so she would have to be 31 at the oldest. Looks older. Maybe the twist is that she’s from the future.


Their daughter Alicia, and what we’re presuming is her boyfriend. Please don’t turn out to be annoying, boyfriend.


“Uh, are you sure about this–”
“Babe, this alley is the ONLY place where we’ll be safe. Especially if we huddle very close behind those boxes.”


I could be wrong, but I don’t think we’ve seen these two in a screenshot before. Their names are listed as “Liza” and “Chris.”


“Staring at things that are off-camera” seems to be a common theme in this batch. I’m beginning to wonder if these are really screenshots or staged promotional photos.


Two frames later….


Liza and Chris again, and Travis and his pickup again. Guess they know each other.


And that confirms the theme; it’s nothing but a sky-staring contest.

Fear The Walking Dead begins airing August 23 on AMC.


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