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The Survivors Prepare For Battle in The Walking Dead 507 ‘Crossed’ (Preview Video and Pics)

by on 11/21/2014

It’s obvious at this point that the mid-season finale seems to heading toward a confrontation between Rick’s group and the perverted cops at Grady Memorial Hospital. And probably a terrible tragedy, because that’s what The Walking Dead does.

But the gang has to prepare first, and that looks like what’s happening in these previews. The sneak peak above shows Carl trying to get Father Gabriel to choose a weapon. He refuses to take one. International friendly version of the scene here.

At lot more troubling is this scene where Beth challenges Dawn and Carol pays the price by having her life support shut off. Seems like Daryl made the right call in organizing a rescue.

And then we’ve got the usual spoilery New Zealand promo. It doesn’t give away as much this time.

Finally, two pics. Interestingly, they’re of Rick and Tyreese. Will these characters get some significant screen time this episode. It’s been a while.


Rick Grimes

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