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The Tara Story

by on 11/30/2016

After an absence of over six months (due to pregnancy), TWD decided to make it up to Tara fans by granting an entire episode to the character. Some critics reacted with “Will you just get back to Negan already?” but in my opinion, I enjoy these self-contained glimpses at other lives more than I do the general plot advancement.

I’m glad Tara found the group again. Her survival skills….well, they need work:


  1. SWEAR 7:06 was just plain horrible. It made no sense and didnt add to anything other than maybe there are more people out there than you might think.

    The Sand. No. That is not how heavy sand moves, even if there were motors under it slowly grinding. Not to mention that it makes no sense that is how the defenders of the bridge would stop the Walkers.

    The mannerisms. Tara was horrible. Jumpy and twitchy like she thought she was being cool and hip. Cracking jokes while at least 10 guns were on her and trigger happy. This rings false, either these people (at least one of them) would be survivalist enough to just eliminate this threat (not hard, thats what the RULE said to do), or Tara would never have gotten this far in the world not being able to correctly assess a situation.

    The sitdown. More lies and jokes. Not realistic. Kill her now. Tara in this situation would not behave this way. Lies are fine, but make them realistic.

    Putting myself into Taras shoes would also require me to be able to look into these women's situation. Start with some truth. "I followed a girl here ONE TIME, I could not find this place again." Add options (to killing Tara), "If I were you, Id blindfold me and leave me in the middle of nowhere". Or "keep me chained up here until you can trust me". True Tara looks nothing like the Saviors, but she should at least look like a Survivor. In this episode where we give the real cast a week off, Tara didnt earn any more time alive.

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