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When Does Season 2 of The Walking Dead Start?

Well folks it feels like it has been forever, I mean really, forever, for season 2 of The Walking Dead.  I can partially blame the first season of the show, but then on the other hand, the first season was awesome.  So, then what is it.  Well because the first season of The Walking Dead was only 6 episodes, it really shortened the amount of time we had to enjoy the zombie killing characters and their struggles.  Season 2 of The Walking Dead wouldn’t have seemed so far away, I believe, if the first season wasn’t so short.  But then again, that’t quite obvious.


So the question remains, “When does season 2 of The Walking Dead start?” Well, I have some good news and some not so good news.  The bad news is that we have about 5 more months left till we can see season 2 of The Walking Dead as it will be premiering in the fall.  Today is May 25th, 2011 and the summer is about to officially kickoff this weekend with memorial day, and so we have the whole summer to wait for the season 2 of The Walking Dead.  But hey, the summer is about being outside, barbecues, swimming, and just enjoying the weather.  So maybe its not that bad.

The good news is that there are some Walking Dead things coming out before then such as some Walking Dead action figures, a hard cover series, a board game, and possibly even a video game based on the series.  So even though we have to wait for season 2 of The Walking Dead, we have some things to keep us busy till then.  On top of that, there are some summer movies that feature some of the shows characters.  So sit back, enjoy the summer, watch some a few summer movies, play with some action figures, run a game with friends, and finally read some hard covered books, and before you know it season 2 of The Walking Dead will be here.

Oh by the way, please hurry season 2 of The Walking Dead!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can never see enough brains being eaten! Andrew Lincoln does an excellent job playing his role, definitely a must see. Season two is scheduled to air later this year. But if you have DirecTV, you can’t get AMC in HD. What!? No zombies in HD? Good news though, at DISH Network AMC is in HD. That means you can get your zombies in HD with DISH! As a customer and employee of DISH I can’t say how happy I’ve been since I made the switch.

  2. I thought “The Walking Dead” was actually coming out in July versus their original release date of October? 

  3. WhelenVortexR says:

    Is actually coming out july 3rd.

  4. Matt73 says:

    It has just been advertised in the UK as coming soon, which usually means in the next few weeks

  5. Realwitty420 says:

    Dammit that sux!

  6. richitej says:

    I really like this show and I usually not a fan of horror films but this one really caught my attention its kind of like a movie/show version of the left for dead video game  really really good show great camera work as well

  7. Mzdthompson says:

    My only goal in life right now is to get cable before Walking Dead season 2 begins!

  8. Derrickvick7 says:

    cnat wait for season 2 of the walking dead to come out i wonder what hapen to mearll

  9. Jenn7181 says:

    Hope this season has more episodes!

  10. does anybody now exactly when the second season starts?

  11. Clownboylol says:

    the walking dead is probably the best movie/show ever!!!


  13. Amartinez2709 says:

    The Walking Dead was renewed for a second season, to consist of 13 episodes, which is scheduled to begin airing on October 16, 2011

  14. Jnarez says:

    dude it starts on the 16th of  October

  15. Kilnerdeansiphone says:

    What chanel??

  16. Cupojoey says:

    i want to know what happens to Morgan and his little son who wants to learn how to shoot

  17. Cappo10nipple says:

    what channel will it be on

  18. Cappo10nipple + piss head says:

    cause ive been told its on sky but thats a bit poo cause i cant watch it then

  19. when does the 2012 season start

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