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Broadway Musical “Zombie Prom” Transitions To Film

by on 06/09/2015

If you were the one who was just saying, “The only thing I haven’t seen zombies do lately is sing,” then this is on you. Fate called your bluff and greenlit a zombie musical.

Zombie Prom was an off-Broadway musical play from the 1990’s. It was set in the 50’s and patterned after the typical teen movies produced during that era. There will be doo-wops, jukeboxes, leather jackets, and lots and lots of neon. A good girl named Toffee falls for a greaser bad boy named Jonny, but then a complication happens: he falls into a nuclear reactor and shows up at her door one evening as a zombie. Presumably it’s a lot like like Grease except the lead actor is green.

The movie version of Zombie Prom will be written by Vince Marcello and Mark Landry; Marcello will also direct. According to Variety, their track record is….ooooh. They wrote “Teen Beach Movie” for the Disney Channel, and Marcello wrote and directed a direct-to-DVD movie in the American Girls franchise. Producers are Michael J. Roth and Steve Longi; Longi is also producing a Mel Gibson movie (in this decade) and Roth just wrapped up production on a movie with the title “Silent But Deadly.”

Sounds like the type of thing that could be undead on arrival. Or it could never show up at all; we’ll see.

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