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Once Upon A Zombie Children’s Book On The Way In October

by on 08/31/2015

“Once Upon A Zombie” – a children’s book by Billy Phillips about zombified fairy tale characters who are emerging to right some wrongs and otherwise wreak havoc on the world today is available for pre-order in October 2015.

In Phillips’ “Once Upon a Zombie”, a mysterious, terrible curse has been cast upon classic fairy tale characters and their fantasy worlds, transforming Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella into the undead who, despite their urges, valiantly refuse to give in to their zombie instincts. As their kingdoms rot away, it’s up to one girl to help them rise up, fight back and reclaim their world.

The new children’s book provides zombie perspectives on popular fairytales – with the Billy Goats Gruff becoming Billy Goat Ghouls and the Three Little Pigs flashing their scars – and also features:

•One of the first times all of the major fairy tale characters and kingdoms have merged into one book narrative.

•A realm of imagination and human consciousness, where negative fears and thoughts wage war against positive thinking, certainty and optimism.

•Zombie princesses who, despite their undead state, remain hauntingly beautiful thanks to the compassion in their hearts.

•Blood-Eyed Zombies who reflect the selfishness, out-of-control, mindlessness of fear in our lives.

The web series of the book idea has a trailer but has not yet transformed into a full-fledged web series…

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